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    Explicitly Saving the Network Model

    The method for saving the online network into an offline IP/MPLSView network model is to do an explicit save.

    1. From the File pull-down menu, select Save Network.... Select a directory and enter a runcode. This is simply the file extension that will be used in the file names of the IP/MPLSView format files. For example, specifying runcode “feb14” will generate files such as muxloc.feb14, bblink.feb14, spec.feb14, etc. Then click Save.
    2. If you now look in the File Manager and navigate to the directory you saved the network to, you will see the IP/MPLSView-format network files that correspond to your live network topology and connectivity.
    3. In order to open your network model in offline analysis mode, first close any network you may still have open by selecting File > Close. Then, select File > Open File Manager.
    4. Navigate to the directory and double click on the specification file. This will open up the network topology on the map, just as it appeared in the live network mode. You are now ready to perform traffic engineering tasks, designs, failure simulations or other “what-if” studies. You can modify your network (for example, adding/deleting routers or links, modify the connectivity, modify the routing protocol parameters, etc.) and see the effects before deployment.

    Modified: 2016-11-08