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    Defining New Threshold Event Categories

    The default threshold event types that come with the standard installation might not be sufficient especially when the number of threshold rules you want to configure is more than the number of default types. In such case, you can define more threshold event types by following the following procedure:

    The following are example steps to add a new threshold event type ‘ThresholdMemoryEvent_1’ of severity MINOR.

    Server-Side Modifications

    Add the new event type entry to file under /u/wandl/db/config/ directory as shown below – between the tags <eventTypeStore> and </eventTypeStore>.

    <EventType defaultElementType="None" defaultSeverity="MINOR" id="ThresholdMemoryEvent_I"
    implClass="" name="ThresholdMemoryEvent_I"
    <Description>Threshold memory event type I</Description>

    Make sure that the following are satisfied:

    • The severity must match with the supported severities: INFO, NORMAL,UP,WARNING, MINOR, MAJOR, CRITICAL, DOWN.
    • The id and name of the event type must match.
    • The super type must match with one of the supported super types, such as ThresholdEvent and ThresholdMemoryEvent.

    Client-Side Modifications

    1. On the client side, add the new event type entry to MPLSThresholdEditor<serverIP>.xml file under C://Users/<login>/AppData/Roaming/wandl/ between <DefaultEditor> tags that lists default threshold event types. Below highlighted text is the new entry added to the file.
      <DefaultEditor editable="false" implClass="com.wandl.swing.table.TableTools$OptionEditor"
      includeNone="false" type="EventType">
      <ValueEditor implClass="javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalComboBoxEditor$UIResource"/>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ThresholdEvent</OptionValue>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ThresholdEvent_I</OptionValue>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ThresholdEvent_II</OptionValue>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ThresholdEvent_III</OptionValue>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ApplicationEvent</OptionValue>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ThresholdCountEvent</OptionValue>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ThresholdDurationEvent</OptionValue>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ThresholdMemoryEvent</OptionValue>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ThresholdMemoryEvent_I</OptionValue>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ThresholdStatusEvent</OptionValue>
      <OptionValue implClass="java.lang.String">ThresholdUtilizationEvent</OptionValue>
    2. Note that the user-added entries will disappear when the xml file is deleted. Make sure to add the entry after a new xml file is created.
    3. Repeat the above steps to add more event types. Consequently, newly added event types would be listed in the Event types drop-down in the Threshold Editor.

    Modified: 2016-11-08