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    Data Repository

    The following table describes the live network output directory.

    Table 1: Data Repository

    Data Repository


    livenetwork_output_directory in the user’s home directory, $HOME/livenetwork_output_directory
    For example, ~wandl/livenetwork_output_directory for user wandl ~chris/livenetwork_output_directory for user chris

    The livenetwork_output_directory is used as the default location to save the trace file BBDSGN.TRC and reports generated by the Report Manager when opening IP/MPLSView in online mode.

    • The livenetwork_output_directory can also be used to save the network snapshot as an offline project file and to save reports for the offline project.
    • For a scheduled live network, the original Live Network project files are stored in the /u/wandl/data/.network directory, a hidden directory not intended to be directly modified by the user. If a user wishes to use a personal group, graphcoord, or graphcoordaux file rather than the one in the directory, it should be saved to the livenetwork_output_directory using runcode x.
    • Note that the graphcoord.x, graphcoordaux.x, and group.x files in this directory if they exist, will be used to draw the graphical coordinates and grouping on thelive network map instead of the ones in the .network directory. To use the same settings as the .network directory, delete the group.x, graphcoord.x, and graphcoordaux.x files.
    • The graphcoord file contains map x,y coordinates, the group file contains groups of nodes that can be collapsed on the map, and the graphcoordaux contains some additional Java settings used for the map such as color legends on the map.

    Modified: 2016-11-08