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    Admin View Menu

    The IP/MPLSView main window has an Admin button. The Admin button provides access to administrative settings for applications, user accounts, licenses, log files, login statistics, release information, and activity on the server.

    In the Administration window, select View>Logs to display the Logs window. Figure 1 shows the Logs window.

    Figure 1: Logs Window

    Logs Window

    Select the log file you want to view. The log file is displayed. Figure 2 shows the WANDL System Logs window.

    Figure 2: WANDL System Logs

    WANDL System Logs

    Click the log file name to display the file path and date.

    Login History and Statistics

    In the Administration window, select View>Login History to display the Login History window. Figure 3 shows the Login History window.

    Figure 3: Login History Window

    Login History Window

    Select the year and month you want to display. The display updates the login history.

    Select View>Login Statistics to display the Login Statistics window. Figure 4 shows the Login Statistics window.

    Figure 4: Login Statistics Window

    Login Statistics Window

    Select the year and month you want to display. The display updates the login statistics..

    User Activity Log

    In the Administration window, select View>User Activity Log to display the User Activities window. Figure 5 shows the User Activities window.

    Figure 5: User Activities Window

    User Activities Window

    Starting in Release 6.3.0, the User Activity log lists every action the user takes. Expand an entry to display more details. Select the time period to display. Enter a string in the Search field and click Perform Query/Search. Use the controls at the bottom of the window to export the report to a .cvs formatted file, clear the search, or change the page size.

    System Monitor

    In the Administration window, select View>System Monitor to display the System Monitor window. Figure 6 shows the System Monitor window.

    Figure 6: System Monitor Window

    System Monitor Window

    The Disk Utilization table shows the application partition and database partition. The table shows the file system name, capacity, used space, available space, percent utilized, and the mount point.

    The Process Statistics table lists each process name, the status, the user and group, the process ID, the CPU and memory utilization, and the restart count. Expand a process to display charts of the daily, weekly, and monthly CPU usage and memory usage of that process.

    Vendor Icons

    In the Administration window, select View>Vendor Icons to display the Vendor Icons window. Figure 7 shows the System Monitor window.

    Figure 7: Vendor Icons Window

    Vendor Icons Window

    The Vendor Icons window identifies each vendor associated with the icons used in the topology map.

    Modified: 2016-11-08