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    Viewserver Overview

    For more information about the installation process for the application and database packages, see the Installing the IP/MPLSView Server, Client, Traffic Data Collector, and Rsync Package.

    The Viewserver compliments the application server by featuring a streamlined client designed for network operators and planners. Only network administrators need to use the full capabilities of the client from the application server. Using the Viewserver enhances overall system performance by offloading users and system resources from the application server in a distributed server environment. Thus, Viewserver supports scalability for a large number of users.

    When to Use the Viewserver

    Use the Viewserver if you plan to have many concurrent client sessions. If there are too many concurrent application client users, this might affect user performance because the application client includes administrative and collection tools which require more system resources than the Viewserver client. The Viewserver client uses fewer system resources and has all the capabilities needed for network operators and planners. The application client has additional capabilities needed only for network administrators.

    Viewserver Client

    The Viewserver client has the following features. Modules available are dependent on your user license.

    • Topology Map
    • Report Manager
    • Configuration Management
      • Network Health
      • Device Inventory
      • MIB Browser
    • Fault Management
      • Event Browser
      • Historical Event Browser
      • Event Map
    • Performance Management
      • Network Dashboard
      • View live traffic, CPU, memory, temperature
      • Network Performance Report
    • Design and Plan
      • MPLS-TE
      • T-Solve
      • Simulation

    Application Client

    The application client has the same features as the Viewserver client plus the following additional features. The selection of available modules depends on your user license.

    • Task Manager collection tasks
    • Traffic Collection Manager
    • Modify mode
    • Run CLI Update Live
    • Threshold Crossing Alert
    • Subscription Editor
    • Trap editing
    • Hardware Inventory collection
    • Provisioning
    • Hardware Vendor Type Manager
    • Save to .network directory
    • Save to Web
    • User Administration

    Modified: 2017-04-02