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    Offline Traffic Processing Overview

    The Offline Traffic Processing chapter describes how to import traffic that was measured at the interface or at the tunnel source. This chapter then describes how the tunnel/interface traffic can be loaded off-line for viewing the load and utilization in the IP/MPLSView client, or for creating reports. Off-line traffic processing also allows the flexibility to summarize collected traffic data over a selected series of dates and to report statistical results.

    The following are example applications of off-line traffic processing:

    Generating a report of the 95th percentile interface or tunnel traffic statistics for all weekdays in January

    Load traffic statistics into the IP/MPLSView client to view the resulting link utilization, or generate summary reports.

    Off-line traffic processing assumes that you have already collected traffic data and have prepared it in the format described in Preparing the Traffic Data.

    You should also have a set of IP/MPLSView format network files for your network (particularly the “intfmap” file and optionally the “tunnel” file). There are a few ways to generate these files:

    1. Run the getipconf utility that intelligently converts router configuration files into a corresponding set of IP/MPLSView format network files.
    2. Alternatively, if you used the IP/MPLSView online network collection to automatically retrieve your network topology and then saved the results to a directory, then the IP/MPLSView format network files can be found already generated in the output directory.

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    Modified: 2016-11-08