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    Understanding the IP/MPLSView Performance Management API

    The performance management API root is /IPMPLSView/API/v1/tenant/1/pm/1. It only allows GET requests. Performance management is valid for the live network only. The live network nodes and performance management nodes are disjointed, but they may intersect.

    Table 1 lists the performance management-related APIs.






    Lists the available performance management categories.

    System uptime


    Returns system uptime information.

    • No parameters: available dates
    • from, to: start/end date in yyyymmdd
    • router: router filtering
    • offset: beginning of data - line number
    • limit: number of lines to be returned, -1 for end of data

    CPU temperature


    Returns CPU temperature information.

    CPU usage


    Returns CPU usage (load) data.

    Memory usage


    Returns memory usage data.



    Performs a network ping operation.

    Advanced ping


    Performs an advanced network ping.

    LSP ping


    Performs an LSP ping.



    Returns network SLA information.

    Link latency


    Returns link latency information.


    • categories: List of category
    • category: object, properties :
      • name: The category name, (devicePerformance/systemUptime, …)


    • No parameters: Returns available dates
    • from: Start date in yyyymmdd
    • to: End date in yyyymmdd, default is same value as from
    • router: Router filtering
    • offset: Beginning line of the data, must be positive
    • limit: Number of lines to be returned, -1 for end of data

    The URL also accepts start/end timestamp, the get totalObject (total number of result).

    Modified: 2016-11-08