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    Installing the Remote Collection Server

    The collection server package should be installed on each remote collection server. During the installation of the remote collection server, the IP address of the central parsing server should be entered. The central parsing server is also installed. During the installation of the central parsing server, the IP addresses of the remote collection servers should be entered. This section discusses how to install the remote collection server.

    To install the remote collection server package:

    1. Log in as the root user, browse to the jump directory, and install the remote collection server package.
      # ./
    2. Enter the user ID. The default is wandl.
    3. Enter the group ID. The default is staff.
    4. Enter the directory where you want to install the server. For example, /home/wandl/collection.
    5. Follow the on-screen prompts until the configuration setting menu appears.
    6. Configuration settings should be set at the prompt to modify entries for the central parsing server. Enter the menu items to add the IP address of the central parsing server.
    7. Use default values for the remaining settings.
    8. Accept these values and enter y to continue the installation.
    9. Enter y to install the Traffic Data Collector package.
    10. Switch out of root user to the user ID given in Step 2. Start the remote collection server.
      > /u/wandl/bin/startup_collection

    Example Installation

    The following example is a remote collection server installation run by the root user ID for a first-time installation. In this example, is the IP address of the remote collection server being installed, and is the IP address of the application server.

    # ./
    Please read the Getting Started document before installing this software.
    Note that you can stop the installation at any time using <Ctrl>-c.
    Preparing to install IP/MPLSView ...
    We have determined that the Server Management Facility
    is running on this machine. If you have configured 
    IP/MPLSView to be managed by this, then please quit
    the installation and disable the IP/MPLSView entry in
    the Server Management Facility before restarting the
    IP/MPLSView installation. If IP/MPLSView
    is not configured (or is already disabled) in the
    Server Management Facility, then please ignore
    this message and continue with the installation.
    Continue with installation (default=yes)? [y/n]
    Checking patches ...
    This software requires a Linux ID as the owner.
    A Linux ID is the login name when you login to this Linux server
    Please input the IP/MPLSView user ID (wandl):
    Owner is set to: wandl
    You should have a group created for all the users who will use this program
    (a group may have only one member, if only one person uses this program)
    The installation script will assign the right permissions for the users
    of this group to use, update and maintain the programs.
    Please input group ID (staff):
    Group is set to: staff
    It is required that you shut down all IP/MPLSView servers before installation
    I will try to detect existing running servers and shut them down.
    Proceed (default=yes)? [y/n]
    Shutdown Task Manager(pid=21939) ...
    Shutdown HornetQ Collection Server(pid=21921) ...
    Please enter the directory where this software will be installed.
    (default=/home/wandl/ipmplsview): /home/wandl/collection1010
    Are you sure you want to install into /home/wandl/collection1010 (default=yes)?
    Checking available disk space ...
    Copying Java native library files...
    Copying Java native library files...
    Reading configuration settings from /u/wandl/bin/ ... Done!
    General Settings:
    1.) Installation Directory.....: /home/wandl/collection1010
    2.) Admin User.................: wandl
    3.) Admin Group................: staff
    SNMP Settings:
    4.) SNMP Trap Daemon IP........:
    5.) SNMP Trap Daemon Port......: 162
    6.) SNMP Trap Daemon Memory....: 128
    7.) SNMP Trap Store Capacity...: 30
    SNMP Settings:
    4.) SNMP Trap Daemon IP........:
    5.) SNMP Trap Daemon Port......: 162
    6.) SNMP Trap Daemon Memory....: 128
    7.) SNMP Trap Store Capacity...: 30
    Thrift Server Settings:
    11.) Thrift Server Port..........: 7911
    12.) Thrift Server Memory........: 256
    13.) Thrift Server Memory........: 120
    Tomcat JMS Settings:
    14.) JMS IP......................:
    15.) JMS Port....................: 1856
    MySQL Settings:
    16.) Database IP.................:
    17.) Database Port...............: 3333
    Task Server Settings:
    11.) Task Server Memory..........: 512
    12.) Thrift Server Port..........: 2099
    Please select a number to modify.
    [<CR>=accept, q=quit]:
    Accept these values (default=no)? [y/n] y
    Install Data Collector (default=yes)? [y/n]
    Copying over existing license file.
    Extracting server files (this may take some time) ............. Done!
    Installing collection server... Done!
    Creating symbolic links ... Done!
    Installing data collector ...
    Configure Data Collectors for Selective Interface (default=no)?[y/n]:
    Data collector crontab entries added successfully.
       You may start the Data Collector by running the following commands:
       cd /home/wandl/collection1010/dcollect
       ./ start 0
    Successfully created a symbolic link from /u/wandl to /home/wandl/collection10
    Configuration file: '/home/wandl/collection1010/bin/' was created
    on Mon Oct 10 10:24:13 EDT 2011
    Creating HornetQ collection server configuration files ... Done!
    Creating Diagnostics configuration files ... Done!
    Creating Task Manager configuration files ... Done!
    Creating Application Monitor configuration files ... Done!
    Creating Data Collector configuration files ... Done!
    You may start up the IP/MPLSView server by running the following command:
    # exit
    > /home/wandl/collection1010/bin/startup_collection
    Purging temporary files... done!
    Detecting existing servers
    HornetQ Collection Server started
    Starting Task Server
    Task Server started
    If you are running data collection, please start data collectors manually
    Note: The various servers have been started but may take a few
    minutes (depending on processor, memory and disk speed) to finish
    their deployment. Please wait a few minutes and then run
    to determine the deployment status.

    Modified: 2016-11-08