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    Configuration Revision Manager

    Understanding the Configuration Revision Manager

    IP/MPLSView has a revision manager that can be used to track changes to device configuration files. The Configuration Revision Manager can be used to check-in new revisions, perform comparisons, and view current or previous revision versions of a configuration file.

    How to Prepare the Data

    Schedule the Scheduling Live Network Collection task at a regular interval in Task Manager to perform repeated configuration file collection. This establishes a baseline of the configuration files, against which future versions of the files are compared.

    Displaying and Comparing Configuration Revisions

    To display and compare configuration revisions:

    1. Select Configuration > Config Revision Manager.

      The Revision Summary page is displayed showing the hostname, filename, latest revision, and the date that revision was checked-in. Devices are listed in the side pane. Figure 1 shows the Revision Summary window.

      Figure 1: Revision Summary

      Revision Summary
    2. Select a device in the side pane to display the configuration file in the main pane.

      If a device has multiple revisions, you can expand the menu item in the side pane to list the individual revisions.

    3. (Optional) To compare two revisions side-by-side, select two revisions and right-click. Figure 2 shows the Version difference window.

      Figure 2: Version Difference Comparison

      Version Difference Comparison

      The configuration changes are color-coded:

      • Yellow—Indicates changes in the newer version.
      • Green—Indicates additions in the newer version.
      • Red—Indicates changes that were deleted in the newer version.
    4. (Optional) Right-click in the Revision panel and select Print to print the configuration that is displayed.

    Modified: 2016-09-26