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    Customized User CLI Collections

    Certain collections have been customized for integration with web reporting. For example, subscriber count information can be collected for ERX devices and then displayed on the web.

    1. For the web to pick up the right directory, the Collection Directory’s subdirectory should be named Subscribers, for example, /u/wandl/data/UserCLI/Subscribers
    2. For the Device Commands, use the following commands (Juniper ERX devices only):
      terminal length 0
      show subscribers
    3. After selecting the devices, click Next. This task can be scheduled on an hourly basis.
    4. Consequently, the data can be viewed on the web from Live Network > Configuration Management > Configuration Management.
    5. For the field, User Collected CLI data, make sure to enter in the correct directory, for example, /u/wandl/data/UserCLI. To change this directory, click the Browse link. Note that you need to login to the web as the admin in order to get access to this Browse link to the right of the directory. Browse for the directory and click the [S] symbol to the left of the directory to select it. Select Change Information.
    6. From the Configuration Management page, select the Subscribers Report. Subscriber count information will be calculated on the fly based on the collected User CLI data. You can browse on the date range to view, and select the data point interval and aggregate method.

      Figure 1: Subscribers Report (ERX)

      Subscribers Report (ERX)
    7. To view individual trending charts, select the flash or Java chart icon. To view the chart on more than one point, select one ore more checkboxes and click Show Selected Chart.

      Figure 2: Subscriber Count

      Subscriber Count

    Modified: 2016-11-08