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    Cleaning Up an Existing Router Profile

    The following is an example of creating a router profile based on a previous router profile generated from an autodiscovery task.

    1. Create a new task for “Host Discovery.”
    2. In the Profile Selection tab, select the existing router profile created during the autodiscovery, for example, Autodiscovery.ospf. Select all the rows and add them to the “Routers to be collected” list on the right.
    3. Click the Discovery Options tab. For the Generated result profile field, enter a file name for the new router profile and for the Generated result output file field, enter in a filename for a report of the unreachable or undiscoverable IP addresses.
    4. Click Next to schedule the task immediately and then click Finish.
    5. After the discovery is completed, click the Router Profile button and select the newly created router profile. Check the number of router profiles displayed to see how many routers of the original profile were reachable and discoverable.

    There are several vendor-specific tasks, including Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) and Alcatel SAM Collection. These tasks require a license. For more details, see Reference Overview.

    For information on VLAN Discovery, see VLAN Discovery Overview.

    Modified: 2016-11-08