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    Modifying an RPR Ring

    Adding Routers to an RPR Ring

    To add routers already existing in the model to an RPR ring, first add a pseudo-node of hardware type RPR for each router to be added to the ring. To do so, select Modify > Elements > Nodes...., click Add... in the Nodes window. In the Add Node window, specify an ID/Name and specify RPR as the Hardware in the Properties tab. Then click a location on the map and click “Add”.

    Figure 1: Add Node Window

    Add Node Window

    Next, add a link between the router and the newly added RPR pseudo-node.

    Select Modify > Elements > Links... and then select Add... to open the Add Links window. In the Properties tab, specify the trunk type (e.g., OC12) of the RPR ring. In the Protocols tab, enable SRP and the main routing protocol (e.g., OSPF) by selecting “yes” for SRP and OSPF. Select “Auto Add on Mouse Clicks” and click on the RPR pseudo-node and its corresponding router in succession to add the link.

    Without closing the Add Link window, add two more links similarly enabled for SRP and the main routing protocol (e.g., OSPF) and with the same trunk type. With the “Auto Add on Mouse Clicks” option still selected, click the RPR pseudo-node followed by one of its neighboring RPR pseudo-nodes. Then click the RPR pseudo-node followed by the other neighboring RPR pseudo-node. Now that the ring is formed, you can delete the old SRP link, if any, that was replaced when adding new nodes to the ring. To delete the link, right-click over the link and select Delete Link.

    Removing a Router from an RPR Ring

    To remove a router from an RPR ring, remove the links connecting the router’s RPR pseudo-node to its two neighboring RPR pseudo-nodes.

    Then create a link between those two pseudo-nodes which are now disconnected, enabling them for SRP and the main routing protocol (e.g., OSPF) in the Protocol tab and selecting the ring’s trunk type.

    You can delete the RPR pseudo-node of the router removed from the ring, as well as the link from the router to the RPR pseudo-node. This represents removing the SRP interface.

    Modified: 2016-11-08