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    Adding and Assigning Tunnel ID Groups

    Tunnel ID Groups are used to configure tunnel IDs that conform to Cisco’s default tunnel names when creating LSP configlets or using the LSP Delta wizard. Cisco default tunnel IDs are of the form, Tunnel#, where the # is unique for each tunnel and is referred to as the tunnel ID. The tunnel ID assigned to an LSP tunnel is determined by the tunnel ID group to which that LSP tunnel belongs. Therefore, two items need to be configured: 1) the tunnel ID group, which contains a range of tunnel IDs, and 2) the LSP tunnel, which needs to be assigned to a tunnel ID group.

    Once you have a tunnel ID group, it can also be used to create an incremental full mesh of tunnels for that group as described in Adding Multiple Tunnels.

    1. The first step is to create a user parameter to be used for assigning tunnel ID groups to LSP tunnels. This is done through the Modify > Elements > User Parameters menu in Modify mode, which will open the User Parameters window. In this window, activate the Tunnel tab, then click the Add button and specify a name for the new tunnel user parameter. In the example below, the name “Tunnel_ID_Group” is used.

      Figure 1: Adding a Tunnel ID Group User Parameter

      Adding a Tunnel ID Group User Parameter
    2. The next step is to create a tunnel ID group. In Modify mode, select Modify > Elements > Tunnel ID Groups.

      Figure 2: Creating Tunnel ID Groups

      Creating Tunnel ID Groups
    3. To add a tunnel ID group, in the Tunnel ID Groups window click the Add button, then give the new group a name and an ID range as shown below. Also be sure to select a Tunnel User Parameter to use for assigning tunnel ID groups to LSP tunnels.

      Figure 3: Adding a Tunnel ID Group

      Adding a Tunnel ID Group
    4. Now that a tunnel ID group has been created, and a tunnel ID group user parameter has been created, the user can modify LSP tunnels to assign a tunnel ID group to that LSP tunnel’s tunnel ID group user parameter. To do this, go to Modify > Elements > Tunnels, select a LSP tunnel, and click the Modify button. Then in the Modify Tunnel window, select the User Parameters tab, then click the Value field of the tunnel ID group user parameter to activate a dropdown menu of all existing Tunnel ID Groups. Select a tunnel ID group from the list, then click OK.

    Figure 4: Assigning a Tunnel ID Group to an LSP Tunnel

    Assigning a Tunnel ID Group to an LSP Tunnel

    Tunnel ID groups are used in functions such as generating LSP configlets. When generating a configlet, the user will be prompted with the following window:

    Figure 5: Option for Updating Tunnel Names

    Option for Updating Tunnel Names

    If Yes is selected, the tunnel name will be modified to match the Cisco naming convention, with the ID number selected from the tunnel ID group assigned to that tunnel. An example of a configlet with the tunnel name modified to the Cisco naming convention is shown below.

    !! BOS
    interface Tunnel0123
    description from BOS to WDC
    ip unnumbered Loopback0
    tunnel destination
    tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng
    tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute announce
    tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority 2 2
    tunnel mpls traffic-eng bandwidth 10000
    tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option 10 explicit name Tunnel0.p0

    Modified: 2016-11-08