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    Distributed Data Collection

    For larger networks, distributing the traffic data collectors across a few machines can result in greater efficiency. Otherwise, the performance of the IP/MPLSView server may be slowed down. A general practice is to use a different traffic data collector for every 100 to 150 routers. (Note that this is a general guideline. The load imposed on the traffic collector is really dependent on the number of interfaces and tunnels.)

    To run a traffic data collector on another server, you need to install the traffic data collector on that server. Simply run the install.dcollect script that is located within the dcollect folder from the installation CD or directory.

    Note: You should install using the same user ID that will be executing the (for example, wandl).

    During the installation process, you will be prompted for the “JMS server”. Here you should specify the server on which the main IP/MPLSView program was installed. In the following example, the user is installing a distributed traffic data collector on The JMS server is After this traffic data collector is started on the machine, it should appear automatically after a minute or so within the IP/MPLSView Traffic Collection Manager graphical interface. The following is an example of the dcollect installation procedure. Press <ENTER> to accept the defaults:

    Please enter the root directory where this software will be installed
    (default=/u/wandl) /u/wandl/213_dcollect
    Checking for necessary disk space
    Extracting files, This may take a few seconds
    PLEASE WAIT...................
    Copying Files ...
    For this part of the installation, you need to supply the name of the server to which you are connecting (default is the local machine) and the port number for communication (default is 7000).
    If you don't know this information, ask the person who installed the server portion of the software, or just take the defaults. You will always have the chance to change them by editing the file /u/wandl/213_dcollect/dcollect/
    Please supply the name or IP address of the JMS server [ ]
    Please supply the JNDI Port [ 1856 ]
    ********** INSTALLATION COMPLETE **********
    You may run the Data Collector by executing
    /u/wandl/213_dcollect/dcollect/ start 0

    Traffic data collectors running on a different machine than the main server should obtain a separate npatpw license for placement into the /u/wandl/dcollect/db/sys directory.

    For users with multiple concurrent user license:If after you have started a traffic data collector (for example, traffic data collector 0), you wish to change the IP address of the JMS server, you may also manually edit the file(s) in the dcollect directory with a name similar to “dcconfig_wandl_0.xml”, where “wandl” is the userID of the installer/executor, and 0 is the instance number. First, stop the corresponding traffic data collector using “./ stop n”, where n is the traffic data collector number. Then, in the “dcconfig_wandl_0.xml file, simply look for the line similar to the following, and replace the IP address with that of the IP/MPLSView server you wish to use: <JMSURL>jnp://</JMSURL>

    Finally, restart the traffic data collector using “./ start n”, where n is the traffic data collector number.

    Modified: 2016-11-08