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    Device Library

    The Hardware Vendor/Type Manager is used to a) add new hardware types, b) set images for use in the web interface, and c) create a template of the statements to be run before executing any CLI from the Run CLI window. Note that changes will not go into effect until the next time the network is opened.

    Figure 1: Hardware Vendor/Type Manager

    Hardware Vendor/Type Manager
    • Add a new Hardware Type: To add a new node type, click “Add” on the left hand side pane and add in the Hardware Type, and the Vendor Family it belongs to. When creating a new router profile in the Task Manager, Router Profiles window for this node type, type in the new Hardware Type that was added here.
    • Modify the web image: To modify the image used for a node in the IP/MPLSView Web Interface, first upload a graphic (for example, gif file) to the /u/wandl/web/wandl/imagesdirectory on the IP/MPLSView server. Next, click Modify in the Web Image section of the upper right pane and browse for the image file.
    • Modify the CLI Template: To modify the template to be used for running CLI commands, select the desired Vendor Family and Hardware Type hardware type from the left pane. Next, in the CLI Template section, click Modify... to modify the CLI template displayed in the bottom left pane. The keywords and their meanings are provided in the following table.




      Do not capture terminal output from now on (until an !silent is issued).


      Capture terminal output from now on (until an @silent is issued).


      Indicates that after the subsequent command is issued, the prompt on the device will change. This is needed in order to tell the program that the subsequent command has completed.


      Indicates that after the subsequent command is issued, the prompt on the device will remain the same.


      This will be substituted with whatever command(s) a particular run CLI command includes.

    As an example, the following template says a) Do not capture the output after issuing the commands “cli set terminal rows 0” and “enable” b) Capture the output of the CLI command, and c) Do not capture the output of the exit command.

    cli set terminal rows 0

    Corresponding Text Files

    The following are the corresponding text files that are modified by this graphical interface:

    • vendortemplatefile.csv (located in /u/wandl/db/config/) contains a mapping of vendor, command template and icon used.
    • hardwaretypemapping.csv (located in /u/wandl/db/config/) contains a mapping of recognized device models with their vendors.
    • template.vendor (located in /u/wandl/db/cmdtemplate/, one file per vendor: for example, files specify which commands are issued on devices immediately after logging in, before any additional commands are run. A few reserved IP/MPLSView keywords are defined as described in the following table:

    Modified: 2016-11-08