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    IP/MPLSView System Administration Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I determine the build date of the version of IP/MPLSView I installed?

    To determine the build date of the server, use the following command:

    $ bin/bbdsgn -v

    Alternately, after you open a spec file on the Java client, select Help > About for this information.

    How do I create another user account?

    IP/MPLSView does not create the user account for you. You have to do this manually using the useradd command. See Creating Users and Groups Using the User Administration Tool.

    When I log in as wandl to a server on another machine, I get the error message, “Unable to access home directory of wandl.”

    The reason for this error message could be that you have moved wandl user’s administration home directory (as opposed to wandl user’s installation home directory). For example, suppose user ID wandl has the /home/wandl home directory, but is installed under /space/wandl, and /u/wandl is linked to /space/wandl. Then WANDL_HOME=/u/wandl, but the IP/MPLSView Administrative home directory is /home/wandl.

    I cannot use the /u drive on my server to create the symbolic link to my program.

    To use IP/MPLSView without the /u/wandl link, set the WANDL_HOME variable before running the program, as follows:

    $ WANDL_HOME=installation_directory
    $ export WANDL_HOME

    What kind of printer driver/software do I need to have to use the Print feature?

    You can use any printer driver software on your computer with IP/MPLSView. IP/MPLSView gives you a window where you can specify the print command (lp). For Windows, IP/MPLSView gives you a window in which you can choose your printer.

    Modified: 2016-11-08