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    Policy Based Routes Configuration Commands

    To use Policy Based Routes, you should have Cisco router configuration files with statements for policy based routing such as those given in the following table.


    Example Formats

    Configure for a router the access list(s) that will be referenced in the route-map statement(s)

    Sample standard access list:
    access-list <access-list-id> permit|deny <ip-address> <mask>

    Extended access lists can be used as well
    access-list <access-list-id> permit|deny
    <protocol><source-ip> <source-mask> <destination-ip>
    <destionation-mask> [protocol parameters]

    Specify for an interface on the router, the route-map to be applied

    ip policy route-map <route-map-name>

    Define the route-map for the router

    Specify route map name and number:

    route-map <route-map-name> permit|deny <number to indicate relative order of application>

    Specify an access list ID to match against if any:
    match ip address <access-list-id>

    Specify the outgoing interface or else the next-hop:

    set interface <interface_name>set ip next-hop <ip-address>

    Modified: 2016-11-08