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    Network Menu Network Dashboard

    The IP/MPLSView main window has a Network menu used to display the Network Dashboard. Select Network>Network Dashboard to display the Network Dashboard.

    Figure 1 shows the Network Dashboard.

    Figure 1: Network Dashboard

     Network Dashboard

    In each pane there are icons at the top that allow you to hide the pane, change the display from tabular to a bar graph or pie chart, reload the data, and close the pane.

    Open the settings menu to select two columns or three columns and to restore the default settings.

    From the settings menu, select Options. Figure 2 shows the options menu.

    Figure 2: Network Dashboard Options Menu

Dashboard Options Menu

    The options menu allows you to display top devices for the items listed in Table 1.

    Table 1: Network Dashboard Options

    Top N Devices Selections

    Top N Devices Selections

    CPU Util

    Average Ping Latency

    CPU Temperature

    Maximum Ping Latency

    Memory Usage

    Minimum Ping Latency

    Memory Util

    Ping Loss

    Recently Rebooted

    Tunnel Traffic

    LSP Source

    Interface Egress Traffic

    LSP Destination

    Interface Ingress Traffic

    Event Count

    Interface Egress Util

    Event Types

    Interface Ingress Util

    Average Link Latency

    Utilized Links

    Maximum Link latency


    Minimum Link latency


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    Modified: 2016-09-26