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    Connect to Server

    The Telnet application allows you to open a telnet session to any host. Right clicking in the window displays a pop-up menu with the following additional functions:



    Connect using Telnet

    Once a host IP or name have been specified, selected this will connect you to the specified host. This option requires that the NPAT or IP/MPLSView Sun server machine be connected to the specified host.

    Connect using SSH

    SSH is a means to connect to the specified host using a secure shell. This option requires that the NPAT or IP/MPLSView client machine be connected to the specified host.


    Disconnects the current telnet session.


    Copies text that is selected in the telnet window to the clipboard.


    Pastes text in the clipboard to the current telnet window.


    The telnet capture can be used to telnet to a router and execute a router command. Some of the major commands used by Cisco and Juniper Networks routers to display configuration information is in a drop down menu in the Capture window.

    Capture to File

    Selecting this option allows you to save the telnet session into a file.


    Settings for Encoding and Font Family of the telnet window.

    Exit Telnet/SSH

    Exits the telnet window.

    Modified: 2016-11-08