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    Route Optimization Wizard

    Use the route optimization wizard, by selecting Design > Demands > Route Optimization or Design > TE Tunnels > Route Optimization to modify link metrics, to view the demands/tunnels that are rerouted as a result, and to have the option to undo the changes if undesired.

    Figure 91: Route Optimization Wizard Instructions

    Route Optimization Wizard Instructions

    Clicking Nextprovides the option to modify link metrics.

    Figure 92: Link Metrics

    Link Metrics

    You can select the row(s) of your choice and click Modify Metrics... to change a set of links to have a specific metric. This can be done multiple times to modify different links. When all the changes are made, clicking Next will indicate the changed routes without committing the link changes.

    Figure 93: Changed Routes

    Changed Routes






    The Demand’s name and source and destination nodes


    Orig Path

    New Path

    The specification of the path for the old and new routes.

    Orig Path Cost

    New Path Cost

    The path cost for the old and new routes, equal to the sum of the link metrics (and node metrics, if applicable) traversed by the demand

    Orig # Hops

    New # Hops

    The hop count for the old route and new route



    Show Paths...

    Highlight the new route on the map


    Save the contents of this table to a CSV file

    Clicking Next again will provide you the option to save or undo changes.

    Figure 94: Save Changes

    Save Changes

    Modified: 2016-11-08