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    Custom URLs

    Custom menu items can be added to the main map’s right-click menu that pop up a browser going to a user-defined URL. The URL can be specified as a function of the node, group, or link that is right-clicked over. To create custom menu items, create a server-side file /u/wandl/data/custom/menuitems.txt. This file should be saved as Unicode UTF-16 format. Each line should have two comma-separated items:


    where menuItem is substituted with the text that you will see in the right-click popup menu and URLtoView is the URL that the browser will request. A specific value can be inserted into the URL depending upon the node, link, or group that is right-clicked over. To specify a node’s field, use the syntax ${Node.key}, substituting key with the attribute of interest, which can be found through the node’s Advanced Filter. For example, putting ${Node.ID} in a URLtoView will insert the ID field of the node right-clicked over into the URL. Similarly, use the syntax ${Link.key} and ${Group.key} to indicate a link or group attribute, where key is one of the available attributes available through Advanced Filter for links or groups, respectively. The following is an example file:

    Explain Node Type,${Node.Type}
    Search Link Name,${Link.Name}

    Modified: 2016-11-08