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Line Cards

Selecting Line Cards in the left pane displays a Card List with information on all the cards in the network. The saved report name starts with CARD_LIST. This list is useful for managing aspects of a network related to card capacity, such as keeping track of how many ports of a specific type are available in the network. The Table Options (right-click a table header for this menu option) can be used to add additional columns such as the Version.

Figure 135: Hardware Inventory: Line Cards

Hardware Inventory: Line Cards




Device hostname


Line card name, for example, WS-X6704-10GE

Device Name

Device name converted into IP/MPLSView format


Vendor Hardware vendor (Cisco, Juniper Networks)

Card Id

Slot information, for example, S-0/1


Ports Number of ports that (a) have a corresponding link in the model, (b) are operationally up, or (c) have an IP address defined on the interface

No. of Ports

Number of physical ports


Line Card Part number


Line Card Serial number


Line Card Version information, for example, rev A0 ver 4

Controller Mem.*

Controller memory (Cisco-specific field)

Cost (Estimated)

Estimated hardware cost


Line Card Description

Device IP Addr.

Loopback IP address of the Device, typically the first one listed

Device Mgmt IP Addr.

The Management IP Address is the IP addressed used by IP/MPLSView to discover the device.

FRU Line Card FRU

Packet Mem.

FRU Route Mem.

Details related to the Field Replacement Unit (Cisco)

L3 Engine

L3 Engine Type

Details related to the L3 Engine (Cisco)

Reserved Ports

Number of Reserved ports, based on customizable keywords found in the description.

Shutdown Ports

Ports that have operational or admin status down


Top Assembly Number (Cisco ordering number)

Note: NMP fields will not be populated if hardware inventory is collected by CLI.

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Modified: 2016-11-08