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Resolved Issues

This section lists the issues fixed in WANDL IP/MPLSView Release 6.3.0. The identifier associated with each entry is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks Problem Report (PR) tracking system.




When the Network Config Data Collection task used SWITCH_CLI, the SWITCH_CLI function unexpectedy failed during parsing.


Cleared events erroneously appeared as unacknowledged in the Historical Event Browser.


The Auto Discovery task was not working properly from the remote collection server.


The IP/MPLSView GUI failed to open using HTTPS (port 8443).


Filtering router interfaces in a report group did not work properly.


Installing IP/MPLSView with a configured SSL certificate did not work as expected.


When using customized fields in an SSL certificate with IP/MPLSView Release 6.2.1, HTTPS access did not work properly.


The Getting Started Guide for IP/MPLSView omitted information stating that IPv6 should be completely disabled on the LINUX server before installing IP/MPLSView. The documentation has been updated to include this information.


IP/MPLSView did not include as much fan tray inventory data as possible for Juniper Networks routers. Release 6.3.0 has been enhanced to include additional fan tray inventory information.


When using the selective interface feature, reachability between the application server and device did not work as expected. This behavior caused the build of the interface list to fail.


After selecting Fault Management > Event Summary Reports > New Event Summaries, event summary reports did not work properly.


Making multiple selections in the User Defined Group Traffic Summary Report was not working properly (Release 6.2.1S4).


In the Task Manager, the Device Performance report did not show any value.


After upgrading to Release 6.2.1S4, performance reports such as Live Traffic, Aggregated Traffic, Device Performance, and Network Performance responded more slowly than normal.


After upgrading to Release 6.2.1S3, the Task Manager did not perform an auto update of the running tasks as expected.


The Memory (Used) column did not display the results of the status_mplsview ?v command as expected.


The database cleanup script did not work properly, which caused the utilization percentage of the export directory to increase excessively.


After upgrading to Release 6.2.1S4, the %Utilization option for all Aggregated Traffic charts did not work properly.


After upgrading to Release 6.2.1S5, only partial data appeared when exporting data from a User Defined Group Traffic Summary Report to a CSV file.


After selecting Live Traffic > Interface > Interface comment, the configured interface descriptions did not appear as expected.


After upgrading to Release 6.2.1S4, the Task Manager and Device Profiles did not work properly with the Web GUI.


After upgrading to Release 6.2.1, multiple selection of routers and router groups in the request form for the Group Traffic Report did not work properly.


Hardware inventory collection did not work properly for certain line cards in Huawei routers.


After changing the default aggregate interval (one hour) of all Device Performance reports, only the first page of the report correctly displayed the values in separated columns as expected.


Autodiscovery for Arris device did not work properly. IP/MPLSView created the device on the Network Map, but did not display the device configuration as expected.

Modified: 2016-11-08