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Diagnostic Settings

This feature allows the administrator to change settings related to Live Network Diagnostics. Parameters can be set for Ping, Trace Route, Diagnostic Configuration, and Other categories.

Report Groups

This allows the administrator to organize interfaces into groups for reports. The group reports are created from Task Manager > New Task > Network Performance Data Report or from the Web Interface’s Group Interface Traffic Report. After creating a Report Group, click the Pencil icon to add interfaces into the group.

When running the Network Performance Data Report task, the Report Group can be selected from the Report Attributes tab. The generated report displays data only for the interfaces associated with the group and is available in the default directory /u/wandl/data/report.

Figure 218: Network Performance Data Report

Network Performance Data Report

Remove Stale Interfaces

This feature allows selecting the interfaces and tunnels to delete from the traffic database. When deleting an interface or tunnel, all traffic data collected will also be deleted and cannot be recovered. Click on the column header drop-down arrow to sort, hide, and filter entries in the column.

Update GUI Login Policy

The Update GUI Login Policy window allows the administrator to modify login policies for GUI users, such as Max Try, Block Period, Max Same Login ID, Default Access, Login Access, and Message of the Day Window.

Session Timeout

This parameter allows the administrator to set the number of minutes before a session times out.

Message of the day

This function lets the web administrator update the text of the Message of the Day. The Message of the Day appears when the user logs into the system. This text will appear in red text if the administrator has chosen Government Web Style in Web Policy.

Customer icon

This function allows the administrator to upload an icon or image to be displayed on every page. The height and placement of the icon are controlled by the Web Style and Customer Icon’s Height parameters in the Web Policy.

Header and footer

This function allows the administrator to set up a header and footer that will appear at the top and bottom, respectively, of every page. If Government Web Style is chosen in the Web Policy, then the header and footer is displayed in a red font.

Web Policy



Password Expires in

Set a maximum number of days before a web user’s password expires. Or, enter “0” or “-1” to indicate no expiration.

Web Style

  • Normal Web Style: Displays customer icon (if any) to the right of the IP/MPLSView icon.
  • Government Web Style: Displays customer icon (if any) to the left of the IP/MPLSView icon. Header, footer, and Message of the Day will also appear in red font.

A customer icon can be added via Admin > Web User Admin > Update Customer Icon.

Link to other page

Optionally, display a Link Name at the top of each page, and the corresponding HTML URL.

Icon Link URL

Specify an optional HTML URL for the customer icon.

Subscribe E-mail

The email of the web administrator. This email address will appear on the web user login page, to allow users to email the administrator if they wish to “subscribe” or wish to send suggestions.

Customer Icon’s Height

Height of the customer icon, in pixels.

Allow Link

  • To allow a direct link to a web report, check “Allow Link” and fill in the “Hosts” field with the server/port from which a web report is accessible, for example,
  • Then go to the web report that needs to be linked (Network Reports -> spec path or Network Reports -> spec path -> Date). Click “Show the link” or “Show the URL” to obtain the html line to link using the <A> tag to put in a webpage on the permitted hosts.

Apply the password rule.

Check this item to enforce the following password requirements. Web passwords should contain:

  • At least 6 characters
  • At least one non-alphabetic character
  • No duplication, for example, AA, 77
  • No sequential characters, for example, AB ,45

Enable the Message Of the Day Window

The web’s “Message of the Day” window can be disabled by unchecking this option.

Show License

This page will list all the modules, number of users, node limit, and expiration date of the license file. The license file is placed on the application server in directory /u/wandl/db/sys.

Upload License

This feature uploads the license file to the application server. If there is an existing license file, it is renamed with a timestamp when the new license file is uploaded.

Modified: 2016-01-05