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Subscription Editor

This section describes how to use the Subscription Editor and how to set up e-mail/SMS subscriptions to events of particular interest. The Subscription Editor can be used to send information about events to subscribers via e-mail/SMS, JMS, or UDP. e-mail/SMS messages can be used to contact you directly. IP/MPLSView supports SMS by email based URL, for example,, only if the cellular carrier supports email based SMS service. Advanced options are also available to set up UDP and JMS subscriptions for use with third-party interfaces, or to forward traps northbound to another third-party management system.

To use the e-mail options of the subscription editor, the Email Server IP should be specified either during the installation of the software, or using the “./” script in in /u/wandl/bin. After running “./”, stop and restart the event server using “./.eventserver stop; ./.eventserver start /u/wandl/db/config/eventserver.xml” for the changes to take effect.

The other prerequisites for the Subscription Editor are the same as that for the Event Browser.

To set up notification via the Subscription Editor, users must create event subscriptions, event subscribers, and then associate event subscribers with particular subscriptions. Each event subscription can be custom-defined to include only events of particular interest.

For more advanced options, like forwarding traps to a northbound third-party system, and editing subscriptions via xml file rather than graphical interface, refer to Configuring Event Subscriptions via XML File(Advanced).

The Subscription Editor can be modified through the Java client by going to Application > Event Subscription Editor or through the web interface via Live Network > Edit Event Subscriptions.

Another way is to modify the server XML files directly. It is highly recommended that users use the graphical interface, as modifying server XML files is more complicated and may result in unintended misconfigurations. However, the method of modifying server XML files is still available to you and is explained later in this chapter.

For information on creating threshold events which can be subscribed to via the Subscription Editor, refer to Chapter 14, Fault Management: Threshold Crossing Alerts.

Modified: 2015-12-29