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Keyboard, Window, and Mouse Terminology and Functionality

The IP/MPLSView documents are written using a specific sort of “vocabulary.” Descriptions of the more important parts of this vocabulary follow.

Note: In the user documentation, mouse button means left mouse button unless otherwise stated.

  • Window—Any framed screen that appears on the interface.
  • Cursor—The symbol marking the mouse position that appears on the workstation interface. The cursor symbol changes; for example, in most cases, it is represented as an arrow; in a user-input field, the cursor symbol is represented as a vertical bar.
  • Click—Refers to single clicking (pressing and releasing) a mouse button. Used to select (highlight) items in a list, or to press a button in a window.
  • Double-click—Refers to two, quick clicks of a mouse button.
  • Highlight—The reverse-video appearance of an item when selected (via a mouse click).
  • Pop-up menu—The menu displayed when right-clicking in or on a specific area of a window. This menu is not a Main Window window menu. Drag the cursor down along the menu to the menu option you want to select and release the mouse button to make the selection.
  • Pull-down menu—The Main Window window menus that are pulled down by clicking and holding down the left mouse button. Drag the cursor down the menu to your selection and release the mouse button to make the selection.
  • Radio button—An indented or outdented button that darkens when selected. An example of a selected radio button follows:

    Figure 4: Radio Button

    Radio Button
  • Checkbox—A square box inside of which you click to alternately check or uncheck the box; a checkmark symbol is displayed inside the box when it is “checked.” The checkmark symbol disappears when the box is “unchecked.” An example of a checked checkbox follows:

    Figure 5: Checkbox

  • Navigation—When you type text into a field, use the <Tab> key or the mouse to move to the next logical field. Click inside a field using the mouse to move directly to that field.
  • Gray or Grayed-out—A button or menu selection is described as gray or “grayed-out” when it is available in this release of IP/MPLSView but currently has been inactivated so that the user cannot use it or select it.

Modified: 2015-12-29