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Table of Contents

About the Documentation
Documentation and Release Notes
Documentation Conventions
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
Fault Management
Configuration Management
Accounting Management
Performance Management
Security Management
Data and Traffic Collection Features
Analysis Features
MPLS Traffic Engineering Features
Getting Started Essentials
User Access
Saving User-Specific Views
Modifying the Live Network
Saving the Network
Documentation Conventions
Document Conventions
Keyboard, Window, and Mouse Terminology and Functionality
The Keyboard
The Mouse
Informational Notes, Cautions, and Warnings
Changing the Size of a Window
Moving a Window
For Further Information
Setting Up Device Profiles
Using the Router Profiles Window
Button and Menu Reference
Creating a New Router Profile
Adding Routers to a Router Profile
Modifying an Entry in a Router Profile
Deleting an Entry in a Router Profile
Saving Router Profiles
Deleting Router Profiles
Importing Router Profiles
Detailed Router Profile Procedures
Adding, Creating, and Importing Router Profiles
Import Router Profile
Create a New Profile to Populate
Populating a Device Profile
Modifying Entries in a Router Profile
Deleting Entries in a Router Profile
Updating Router Profiles when Router Passwords are Changed
Dual Routing Engine Support
Nodes That Are Inaccessible
Test Profile Connectivity
Profile Sync
Editing Show Commands for Data Collection
Task Manager
Task Manager Window
New Task Wizard
ARP Data Collection
CDP Discovery (Cisco Only)
Collection Data Copy
Config, Comparison, Conformance, and IC Report
Device Ping Collection
Device SLA Collection
Device SNMP Collection
Hardware Inventory Report
Host Discovery
Link Latency Collection
LDP Traffic Collection (Juniper only)
LSP Ping Collection
LSP Tunnel Traffic Collection (Juniper only)
Network Config Data Collection
Network Performance Data Report
Ping IPs
SAM Collection
SAM Interface Traffic Collection
SAM LSP Statistics Collection
Scheduling Live Network Collection
Server Performance Data Collection
Traffic Summary Report
User CLI Collection
User-Defined SNMP Collection
Generated Web Report
Web Report
Network Discovery
Detailed Procedures
Incremental Discovery and Collection
Host Discovery
Discovery from a Range of IP Addresses
Crawl the Network (Autodiscovery)
Cleaning Up an Existing Router Profile
VLAN Discovery
Detailed Procedures
Setting up the Router Profile
Scheduling a VLAN Discovery Task
Chaining VLAN Discovery with Network Config Data Collection
Validating the Router Profile and Scheduling CLI Collection
VLAN Discovery Text Mode
Basic Discovery
Live Network Collection
Detailed Procedures
Setting Up the Live Network
Choosing Routers to be Collected
Specifying Intermediary Servers
Data Collector Instruction
Data to Be Collected
Collector Settings
Conversion Options Tab
Configuring Scheduling Parameters
Viewing Task Status
Viewing the Collected Network
Tunnel Path Information
Modifying a Task
Deleting a Node (Permanent)
Live Network Dashboard
Collecting Supplementary Device Data
Detailed Procedures
Configuring the Show Commands
User CLI Collection Task
Customized User CLI Collections
Direct Router Access and Easy Command Line Interface Operation
View Live Tunnel Events and Revisions
Configuration File Management
Detailed Procedures
Integrity Checks Report
Configuration Conformance
Using the Web Browser
Task Scheduling
Configuration Backup and Restore
Detailed Procedures
Setup for Configuration Backup & Restore
Configuration Backup
Configuration Restore
Schedule Backup
Software Release Upgrade and Downgrade
Performance Management: Traffic Collection
Recommended Instructions
Detailed Procedures
Starting the Data Collector(s)
Distributed Data Collection
Setting the Collection Elements
Modifying Collection Parameters
Starting the Traffic Collection
Specifying Traffic Aggregation Options
Viewing Collected Data
Traffic Data Archival and Cleanup
Delete Interfaces from Traffic Database
Selective Interface Traffic Collection
Configuring Bulkstats Traffic Collection (Advanced)
Performance Management: Network Diagnostics
Detailed Procedures
Diagnostics Manager
Diagnostics Configuration Settings
Ping Device From Device
Advanced Ping
Ping Multiple Devices from Device or Ping Devices from Server
Continuous Ping
Traceroute from Device to Device
Traceroute Multiple Devices from Device
Ping and Traceroute for Router Groups
VPN Diagnostics
MIB Browser
Online Monitoring by SNMP
Configuring SNMP Trap Handling for the Fault Management Module
Live Status Window
Performance Report Manager
Troubleshooting Performance and Diagnostics
Fault Management: Events
Event Browser
Creating Groups
Event Group Coloring and Annotation
Posting Events
Acknowledging and Clearing Events
Background Ping
Live View vs. Historical View
Event Browser Options
Event Browser Query Manager
Event Browser Toolbar and Popup
Event Browser Popup Menu
Enabling and Disabling Events
Related Events
Event Map
Event Count Chart
Root Cause Analysis
Configuring the SNMP Traps and Events to Record (Advanced)
Creating Events from Application Server (Advanced)
Event Administration
Subscription Editor
Event Subscription Editor Settings
Creating an Event Subscription
Creating an Event Subscriber
Trap Forwarding to Northbound NMS
Configuring Event Subscriptions via XML File(Advanced)
Fault Management: Threshold Crossing Alerts
Detailed Procedures
Threshold Editor
Interpreting the Threshold Editor
Creating Threshold Crossing Alerts
Triggering Threshold Alarms
Defining Conditions and Rules
Defining New Threshold Event Categories
Hardware Inventory
Detailed Procedures
Equipment Views
Hardware Model Options
Hardware Model Reports
Security Management
Detailed Procedures
Advanced User Administration
Creating a Group
Creating Users
Performing Further Analysis Offline
Explicitly Saving the Network Model
Replaying Traffic in the Offline Model
Directory to Use in Offline Network Model
Traffic Aggregation
IP/MPLSView Web Interface: Live Network
Network Monitor
Network Browser
Network View
VPNs by VPN Types using the Topology Link
Network Dashboard
Network Summary
Configuration Management
Configuration and Tunnel Path Files
Network Data
Network Reports
Integrity Check Reports
Hardware Inventory Reports
Miscellaneous Reports
Fault Management
Launch Event Browser
Event Summary Reports
Event Options
Link Availability Report
Performance Management
Live Traffic
Aggregated Traffic
Traffic Collection Manager
Device Performance
Network Performance
Miscellaneous Reports and Charts
Network Performance Data Chart Report
Archived Reports
Task Manager
MIB Browser
Device Profiles
User Administration
Network Reports
User Collected Data Report
Shared Reports
Shared Docs
Performance Menu
Tools Menu
Admin Menu
Setup Mode
Map Views
Appendix A
Data Repository
Information for the Live Network
Additional Collected Live Network Data
Information Extracted via Network Data Collection Task
Task Manager Data
Log Files

Modified: 2015-12-29