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Fault Management: Threshold Crossing Alerts

This chapter describes how to use the Threshold Editor to provide notifications when certain thresholds are exceeded. Through the threshold editor, users can configure rules, which if triggered, will create a threshold event. For example, a rule can be generated when a link exceeds a certain percentage utilization or when a node’s CPU utilization exceeds a certain percentage. The threshold events will be displayed in the Event Browser and can also be subscribed to via e-mail/SMS using the Subscription Editor.

The prerequisites for the Threshold Editor are the same as that for the Event Browser. See Chapter 13, Fault Management: Events for more details.

Additionally, to trigger the threshold alarm, the corresponding collections must be scheduled on a recurring basis. For the collections via the Task Manager, a collection interval can be specified in the Schedule Task pane of the corresponding task.

For more information on setting up the Event Browser, refer to Chapter 13, Fault Management: Events.

Modified: 2015-12-29