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Configuring the High-Speed CTP Bundle for TDM/TDC Operation (CTP Menu)


Configure the high-speed bundle on an even-numbered port.

Before you begin:

  • Disable the bundle before you modify the bundle options.

To configure a high-speed CTP bundle for TDM/TDC operation using the CTP Menu:

  1. From the CTP Main Menu, select 1) Bundle Operations.
  2. Select 1) CTP.
  3. Select a bundle from the list. You must configure the bundle on an even-numbered port.

    If you select an active bundle, you are prompted to disable the bundle before configuring it.

  4. Select 3) Port Config.
  5. Select 2) Interface.
  6. Select 3) Encoding.
  7. Select 5) TDM.
  8. Follow the onscreen instructions to configure the parameters as described in Table 1.
  9. Configure the rest of the bundle as you normally would.

Table 1: High-Speed CTP Bundle Parameters for TDM/TDC Operation in the CTP Menu

FieldFunctionYour Action

TDC Clk/Data on port N+1

Specifies that the TDM function is TDC Clk/Data on port N+1.

This option is available only on even-numbered ports on a CTP2000 serial module, and when the serial encoding parameter is set to TDM.

TDC Clk/Data on port N+1 oversamples the incoming clock (TT) and data (SD) from the adjacent port above this one (N+1) at this port’s clock rate, and embeds it in its data. At the remote end of the network, the embedded circuit data is recovered and exits the node on port N+1 as RT and RD outputs.

Because of the direct interleaving of two ports’ data, TDC is maintained between these two ports with an accuracy of one bit time at this port’s data rate.

Press Enter.

TDM rates

Specifies the number of bits out of 32 that are used for the TDM function (and not for local serial port data).

Appears only if you selected TDM encoding.

Keep in mind the following when you configure the TDM rate:

  • If the rate is too low, the bundle may not carry the low-speed data because of insufficient oversampling.

  • If the rate is too high, the low-speed circuit will still run, but will likely use more bandwidth than necessary.

  • You may want to configure a higher rate to increase the TDM rate to reduce jitter on the low-speed clock and data signals.

Select one:

  • 16

  • 8

  • 4

  • 2