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Configuring the Missing Packet Fill Pattern for SAToP Bundles (CTP Menu)


This topic describes how to specify the fill pattern that the CPT device inserts when IP packets are dropped.

To configure the missing packet fill pattern for SAToP bundles using the CTP Menu:

  1. From the Main Menu, select 1) Bundle Operations.
  2. Select 1) CTP.
  3. Select a bundle from the list.

    If you select an active bundle, you are prompted to disable the bundle before configuring it.

  4. Select 2) Config.
  5. Select 10) Advanced Options.
  6. Configure option 3) Missing pkt fill pattern as described in Table 11.

Table 11: SAToP Bundle Missing Packet Fill Pattern Parameter Setting in the CTP Menu

FieldFunctionYour Action

Missing pkt fill pattern

Specifies the data that the CTP device inserts into the circuit bit stream when an IP packet is dropped. The number of bits inserted is equal to the number of bits in the missed packet.

This data insertion method prevents a loss of bit count integrity to attached circuit devices and encryptors.

Enter two hexadecimal digits. You must enter a value other than ff. This field does not require the 0x characters.