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Configuring Port Mirroring for CTP Bundles (CTPView)


Port mirroring enables you to mirror traffic to a third port. The packet generated from the source is sent to an assigned destination and to another port whether it is on the local node or remote node.

Bundles that use port mirroring must have the direct drive disabled. When a bundle configuration that has a port mirroring component is submitted, the CTPView software enforces the direct drive rule when the node is configured to the new settings.


To view and configure port mirroring parameters, you must login as an administrator.


You cannot configure the destination port mirroring tail with a remote IP address that is the same as the IP address of the Source CTP.

You can configure source and destination port mirroring for a CTP device from CTPView.

To configure source and destination port mirroring for CTP bundles from CTPView:

  1. In the side pane, select Bundle > Configuration.
  2. Run your mouse over the Display and Select an Existing Bundle bar.
  3. In the table of bundles, select the bundle that you want to configure.
  4. Under Bundle Options, select Advanced Options Show and configure the parameters as described in Table 41.

    Table 41: Unidirectional and Bidirectional Circuit Options



    Unidirectional Circuit

    Select one:

    • Bi-directional—Select to configure both source ad destination port mirroring.

    • Source—Select to configure only source port mirroring.

    • Destination—Select to configure only destination port mirroring.

  5. Under Bundle Options, select Source Port Mirroring Show and the Destination Port Mirroring Show and configure the parameters as described in Table 42.

    Table 42: CTP Bundle Source Port Mirroring Settings in CTPView

    FieldYour Action

    Remote IP [ IPv4 only ]

    Enter the remote IP address.

    Remote Address [ IPv4 only ]

    Click to select the remote IP address from the list.

    Select the Remove Tail check box to remove the port mirroring tail from the bundle. The check box will be visible only if port mirroring is configured.

    Remote CID [ 0 -249 ]

    Enter the remote circuit ID in the range 0-249.

  6. Click Click to Submit Bundle AND Port Changes.