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Monitor an EX Series Switch Overview


You can monitor an EX Series switch, both physical and Virtual Chassis (VC) at the port level, chassis level, and device level from the Device-Name page. You can launch the Mist Portal from the Devices page to monitor access points connected to the switch.

Figure 1: EX Virtual Chassis
 EX Virtual Chassis

You can access the Device-Name page from the Sites page or the Devices page:

  • To access the Device-Name page from the Devices page:

    1. Click Resources > Devices.

      The Devices page appears.

    2. Select an EX Series switch in the Device Name column of the Devices List.

      The Device-Name page appears.

  • To access the Device-Name page from the Sites page:

    1. Click Resources > Site Management.

      The Sites page appears.

    2. Click the Site-Name of the site for which you want to view the device information.

      The Site-Name page appears.

    3. Click the Devices tab.

      The list of devices added to the site appears.

    4. Click an EX Series switch from the list.

      The Device-Name page appears.

You can view the following on the Device-Name page:

  • Chassis view—Displays the ports of the switch as icons. For a Virtual Chassis, the member devices in the Virtual Chassis are listed on the left side of the chassis view. To view the ports of a member device, click the member device.

  • Overview tab—Displays widgets with information related to device details and statistics, such as number of links that are up and down, resource utilization, top ports consuming maximum bandwidth.

  • Configuration template tab—Displays the configuration templates applied on the device.

  • Ports tab—Lists all the ports on the device. You can manage the switch ports from here.

  • Device Settings tab—Lists the access profiles configured in CSO. A check mark appears before the access profile that is deployed on the switch. You can change the access profile deployed on the switch from this tab.

On the Device-Name page, you can monitor the device at: