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New and Changed Features in Contrail Cloud Release 13.6


The features listed in this section are new or changed as of Contrail Cloud Release 13.6.

Product Components

  • Contrail Networking Release 1912.L4

  • AppFormix Release 3.1.25

    • AppFormix Release Notes are available as part of the software download package.

  • Red Hat OpenStack 13 (z15)–OpenStack Queens Version (Red Hat CDN sync 25-Mar-2021)

  • RHEL 7.9–Linux kernel 3.10.0-1160.21.1 (Red Hat CDN sync 25-Mar-2021)

  • Red Hat Ceph Storage 3 (Red Hat CDN sync 25-Mar-2021)

Contrail Cloud Tuning

  • Optional undercloud tuning in the config/site.yml configuration file.


    Only advanced users with knowledge of TripleO should change these settings.

    Support for additional tuning of the undercloud to match specific settings and requirements.

    You may use this extra configuration to modify any TripleO parameter documented by Red Hat. See below for a tuning example:


  • Using a non-default password with RabbitMQ.

    You may set a non-default password for RabbitMQ in your Contrail Cloud environment.

    Configure your RabbitMQ password in the config/vault-data.yml file by replacing the default “c0ntrail123” password, as seen below: