vDay One: Introduction to BGP Multicast VPNs

This new vDay One book is the complete package. Learn how to log onto Junosphere and load the topology file, then watch the book’s videos, click through the topology animations, and then simply copy and paste from the PDF book’s prompts to configure the Junosphere virtual machines online. You learn by doing, not reading.

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About the Author(s)

Antonio “Ato” Sanchez Monge (JNCIE-M #222 and CCIE #13098) holds a MS in Physics and a BA in Mathematics from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM). He joined Juniper Networks in 2004, where he is currently working in the Advanced Services team. He has authored two books in the Juniper Networks Books Day One series, This Week: Deploying Multicast VPNs and This Week: A Packet Walkthrough on the M, MX and T Series.

Author Q & A

What got you started on this book?

One day in July 2012, during the Juniper EMEA Tech Summit in Berlin, I met Pilar Somohano at the canteen. I read in her badge “Junosphere Product Manager”, and it took me a while to remember “oh, yes, that’s the Junos in the cloud thing”. It’s funny, less than one year later I am completely converted to Junosphere! During that meal Pilar mentioned the ongoing search for contents that could be integrated in Junosphere. I mentioned the Day One (This Week) books that I was writing, and the idea popped up naturally: why not porting them to the cloud, in a complete hands-on environment? Both Pilar and Patrick Ames, the Editor in Chief of Juniper Networks Books, embraced the idea. These guys really have the willingness to get things rolling. Patrick “shaped it green”, gave it a very exciting perspective, and convinced me to invest more effort so as to make something really new. He got many ideas, like inserting videos in the content. We still needed a narrator, so my friend Dave Dugal, who happens to be a great engineer, accepted to be the voice of the videos. His voice is so incredible that I’m afraid people don’t pay attention to what he says, but to how he talks! Aleksey Mints did the integration in Junosphere, and David Noguer the marketing launch. And that’s how the vDay One program came to life.

Who is this book for?

The vDay One Series is targeted to a wide technical audience, as it will have titles ranging from entry to advanced level. This particular vDay One book is medium-advanced, according to the opinion of the beta testers. It is targeted to people with some understanding of MPLS and IP Multicast. However, you don’t need to be familiar with the BGP Multicast VPN technology at all. With this book, you can learn it from scratch!

After reading this book, what’s the take away?

Experiencing an integral eLearning method, combining videos and real hands-on tasks in the cloud, in a unique fashion. I haven’t explored the market to see whether others are already doing this, but all the (nearly 40) beta testers from different companies reported this vBook to be a qualitatively new experience for them. Its “READ, WATCH, DO!“ essence is described in our blog: New Experiential Learning – Build a BGP Multicast VPN in the Cloud.

What are you hoping that people will learn from this book?

The vBook guides you through a learning path that visits in depth the BGP Multicast VPN technology, formerly known as Next-Generation MVPN. Not only the active reader sees this technology in action, but also makes it work seamlessly in Virtual Machines running Junos OS!

What do you recommend as the next item to read after this book?

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend to read as a next step, but rather to play with Junosphere and keep getting real hands-on experience! Anyway, for readers who want to extend their BGP Multicast VPN knowledge, some of the advanced flavors of this technology will be covered in future vBooks.

There is already a more complete book, in a traditional format that is also available for download in the Day One books website: it’s called “This Week: Deploying BGP Multicast VPNs, Second Edition”.

What’s your inspiration?

Working every day with talented and passionate people, who are real team workers only searching a collective benefit.

What’s your favorite bit/part in the book?

I would call it a moment. Once the Junosphere topology starts, and I get all the 10 terminals connected to the 10 routers, ready to start the game!