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Adaptive threat intelligence integrated into SRX Series Services Gateways help you optimize security policies and thwart cyberattacks.

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    Increasingly sophisticated threats can bring down clouds, interrupt data center operations, and lead to theft of critical data. Although a multitude of security intelligence feeds provide visibility into real-time threats, turning that data into actionable intelligence that executes through firewall policies simply has been too difficult. In today’s world, your firewall must be able to take immediate action based on known or emerging intelligence. It must identify attacks accurately and act quickly.

    Juniper offers a complete portfolio of scalable security solutions that protect customers from the most serious threats, based on Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways. The SRX Series provides a foundation that allows enterprise and service providers to implement a wide array of services, including unified threat management (UTM), next-generation firewall, and threat intelligence.

    The open and scalable Spotlight Secure threat intelligence platform helps SRX Series optimize security policies and thwart cyberattacks. As adaptive intelligent firewalls, the SRX Series can help ensure that your security posture is calibrated for the threats actively working against you.


    • Attain effective threat intelligence that delivers timely protection against the latest threats
    • Easily apply a variety of threat intelligence feeds for flexibility and highly customized firewall policies
    • Reduce operational burden with centralized management of firewall policies, threat intelligence feeds, and reporting with Security Director
    • Maintain high-performance, scalable data center protection with intelligent service chaining


    Search tip: Signature names must be quoted. E.g. “HTTP:STC:DL:ADOBE-ICC”
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    Search tip: Signature names must be quoted. E.g. “HTTP:STC:DL:ADOBE-ICC”
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    SophosLabs IP address classification lookup for Juniper products
    SophosLabs maintains IP address classifications that can be used to help detect spam in Juniper products. IP address classification/IP address reputation is a commonly-used method of detecting spam.

    Juniper Test-a-Site powered by SurfControl
    SurfControl Test-a-Site allows you to verify whether a site is categorized in SurfControl’s most recent filters.

    Pcapr is a website that contains a wide collection of user uploaded packet captures. It also contains tools to view, manipulate and model traffic flows. pcapr, powered by Mu Dynamics, is a social networking site. Learn more about pcapr at the forum.