Firefly Host

Hypervisor-based security solution for virtualized data centers and clouds

This hypervisor-based security solution for virtualized data centers and clouds gives full visibility and granular access control over all traffic within and between virtual machines.

    The Firefly Host security solution for virtualized data centers and clouds monitors and protects them while maintaining maximum capacity and performance. Its hypervisor-based stateful firewall integrates intrusion detection service (IDS),virtualization-specific antivirus protection, and compliance tools, with management scale.


    VM Introspection gives Firefly Host a complete view of network traffic flowing between VMs, and a complete VM and VM group inventory, including virtual network settings and knowledge of all VM states, installed applications, operating systems, and patch levels.


    The stateful firewall provides layers of defenses and automated security through access control over all traffic using policies that define which ports, protocols, destination, and VMs should be blocked. An integrated intrusion detection engine inspects packets for malware or malicious traffic and sends alerts as appropriate, while antivirus protections provide on-demand and on-access scanning of VM disks and files with full quarantine capabilities.


    Firefly Host monitors for and enforces corporate and regulatory policies, including segregation of duties, business warranted access, and ideal/desired images and configurations for all transactions in the virtual space. VM access is limited by application, protocol, and VM type as well as by role. Smart Group policies are created from a synthesis of VM Introspection and vCenter information, ensuring that certain types of VMs are secured with appropriate policies. The VM Image Enforcer ensures that any image deviation triggers an alert or a VM quarantine.

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    • Stateful Virtual Firewall provides granular access control and VM isolation by enforcing group and individual VM policies.
    • VMsafe Implementation delivers breakthrough performance 10x faster than non-VMsafe virtual firewalls.
    • VM Introspection gives X-ray view of VMs and their installed operating systems, apps, and services.
    • VM Image Enforcer ensures VM configuration compliance with the ability to quarantine violators.
    • Virtualization-Specific Antivirus provides on-demand and on-access scanning of disks and files with quarantine of infected entities.
    • Intrusion Detection with selectable protocol and application-specific deep packet inspection provide malware detection.
    • Smart Groups automates VM security for new or replicated VMs.
    • Network Monitoring provides comprehensive visibility and auditing of inter-VM and intra-VM communications.
    • Scalable Central Management synchronizes security policies across Firefly Host management centers for large-scale, multitenant virtualization.
    • IPv6/IPv4 Firewall Enforcement provides greater flexibility and efficiency of traffic protection.
    • Firefly Host Cloud API and software development kit (SDK) allow customization and automation of security controls.

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