DDoS Secure

Defending enterprise networks and data centers against volumetric and application-layer attacks

DDoS Secure is designed to defend businesses against targeted and complex distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

    DDoS Secure


    DDoS attacks are a major problem for enterprises, causing business outages and impacting availability of online resources. DDoS Secure can nullify these problems by continually inspecting inbound and outbound network traffic, and stopping DDoS attacks before they can impact availability of a protected resource.

    DDoS Secure uses its advanced CHARM algorithm to learn which incoming requests can be trusted, and is able to respond intelligently and in real time by dropping suspect or noncompliant packets as soon as the optimum performance from critical resources begins to degrade.

    DDoS Secure defends some of the world’s busiest Web servers, DNS and critical business applications against a broad spectrum of DDoS attacks. Its heuristic and granular approach to DDoS mitigation guarantees availability for legitimate users while blocking bad traffic, even under the most extreme attack conditions.

    DDoS Secure now delivers an always-on Hybrid DDoS solution for handling multivector attacks that require a coordinated on-premises and cloud-based approach for mitigation.

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    • Dynamic and self-learning
    • Effective against the latest breed of stealthy, application-layer, and multivector attacks
    • Ultra-low latency
    • Up to 40 Gbps throughput capacity
    • Fully IPv6 compliant
    • Plug-and-play, simple to install and configure
    • Failsafe and high availability options
    • Fully automated for the fastest response and the lowest cost of ownership
    • Integrated on-premises and cloud-based Hybrid solution for handling the broadest set of attacks

    Securing the network and boosting hotel bookings

    The LateRooms.com Case Study

    DDoS Secure Protects LateRooms.com’s Network from Attack

    LateRooms.com operates a global, round-the-clock, web-based hotel booking service that processes millions of inquiries and payment transactions each year. Its business success is totally dependent on the availability and performance of its online booking system.

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