Day One Library

The Day One library gives you just the information you need to complete a task on day one. The series covers Junos OS and Juniper Networks networking essentials with straightforward explanations, step-by-step instructions, and practical examples that are easy to follow.

The Day One Library is available as free PDFs by clicking the links below. You will be taken to J-Net, Juniper’s User Community.

If you are not a member, you will be asked to join and provide an email address and a password (it’s a Juniper community). Then, in the future, you’ll receive an occasional email notifying you of new books added to the library.

Junos Fundamentals

Data Center Fundamentals
Migrate Cisco ASA to Juniper SRX Series
Exploring the Junos CLI, Second Edition
Routing the Internet Protocol
This Week: Hardening Junos Devices, Second Edition
Finishing Junos Deployments
Junos QoS for IOS Engineers
Junos for IOS Engineers
Configuring Junos Policies and Firewall Filters
Deploying Basic QoS
Junos Tips, Techniques, and Templates 2011
Securing the Routing Engine on M, MX, and T Series
Monitoring and Troubleshooting
vDay One: Mastering Junos Configuration
vDay One: Introduction to BGP Multicast VPNs

Junos Automation

vMX Up and Running
Using JSNAP to Automate Network Verifications
This Week: Junos Automation Reference for SLAX 1.0
This Week: Mastering Junos Automation
This Week: Applying Junos Automation
Navigating The Junos XML Hierarchy

Junos Networking Technologies

Deploying Zero Touch Provisioning
NorthStar Controller Up and Running
Deploying BGP FlowSpec
This Week: QFabric System Traffic Flows and Troubleshooting
Configuring EX Series Ethernet Switches, Third Edition
ADVPN Design and Implementation
This Week: An Expert Packet Walkthrough on the MX Series 3D
Juniper Ambassadors’ Cookbook for 2014
Deploying CGNAT On The MX Series
MPLS for Enterprise Engineers
Understanding OpenContrail Architecture
Juniper Ambassadors’ Cookbook for Enterprise
Advanced Junos CoS Troubleshooting Cookbook
SBR Change of Authorization (CoA) and the MX Series
This Week: A Packet Walkthrough on the M, MX, and T Series
Scaling Beyond a Single Juniper SRX in the Data Center
Dynamic Subscriber Management
This Week: Deploying MPLS
This Week: Deploying BGP Multicast VPNs, Second Edition
Advanced IPv6 Configuration
Exploring IPv6
Migrating EIGRP to OSPF
Using Ethernet VPNs for Data Center Interconnect
Junos Cup 2014