Juniper Networks Books

Juniper Books are authored, edited, and technically reviewed by Juniper Networks subject matter experts. The technical publishing program is divided into books published by reputable book publishers such as O’Reilly Media, and the Day One library of books and posters published by Juniper Networks.

Where to Get Juniper Books

Books published by book publishers are available at bookstores or direct from the publisher (for example, Day One books and posters are available as free PDFs, or as eBooks on iTunes and Amazon. Printed Day One books and posters, including the Juniper BookDrop program, are available for sale at the Day One Print Store

New and Noteworthy
  • Day One Poster: Using the Monitor Traffic Matching Command Syntax

    The Junos OS monitor commands are powerful ways to capture and examine packets of interest in your network. Here’s the poster that shows why.

  • Day One: Enabling Automated Network Verifications with JSNAPy

    What happens when you combine JSNAP and Python? You get JSNAPy, a powerful network verification tool that can automate your data collection and verification tasks.

  • Learn About Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN)

    Learn about the newest security measures from Juniper Networks that provide end-to-end visibility into your entire network, both virtual and physical. SDSN transforms your network into a single, holistic defense domain where every element becomes an enforcement point. This is the future of the secure network. Download the free PDF here. Download the ePub file for iBooks and Apple devices. Go to Amazon to download the file for Kindle apps.

  • Day One Posters: Juniper Network Security Services

    From the versatile SRX Series, to SDSN, to Junos Space Security Director, these three security posters have been beautifully designed to fit together on your wall or workplace. Reinvigorate and visualize your network security with Juniper's security solutions.

  • Day One: Data Center Fundamentals

    Learn all the basics of data centers, from components to cabling to controllers, and how Juniper products scale that technology. By book’s end, you’ll be able to design your own data center network and in the process come to understand why you would favor one technology or design principle over another. It’s day one, and you have a data center to build.

  • Day One: Migrate Cisco ASA to Juniper SRX Series

    Prepare for the future by replacing your aging Cisco ASA firewalls with Juniper’s SRX Series. This step-by-step migration project is easy and the results are immediate. Relax, kick back, and learn about how to create a successful ASA to SRX migration path that can be used repeatedly in your network.

Juniper BookDrop
Juniper Book Drop

Purchase printed copies of the Day One library and get a book display rack for your workgroup or operations center. Choose from a pre-selected bundle, or customize your book library. Visit the official printer and supplier of Day One books,, for more details about purchasing the BookDrop.