Primary and Secondary (K-12) Education

Schools must be ready to seamlessly deliver digital learning across traditional, remote, or hybrid instructional models while protecting against ever-evolving cybersecurity threats and keeping students healthy and safe.

Juniper Networks, driven by Mist AI, help schools on all these fronts with a network ideally suited for all education environments, including faster and more reliable broadband and Wi-Fi connections, more effective cyber threat protection, and value-add services such as asset location.  Whether managing an entire district or a single school, Juniper optimizes the learning process with streamlined operations, simplified troubleshooting, and self-driving operations that let you focus on the children instead of the network.

How Juniper can help

We provide resources to help schools and libraries build affordable, fast, and secure broadband connections that foster digital learning. We help you take advantage of the U.S. E-Rate program to gain discounted Internet access and connectivity services as you design your AI-driven digital learning network.


Assure wireless learning experiences

With Mist AI, K-12 IT teams can now spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating to enhance the learning experience. Customizable service levels with automated workflows, coupled with self-driving network operations, enable the proactive identification and rapid resolution of network problems.  Anomaly detection and predictive analytics can detect and fix IT issues before students and teachers even know that they exist. 


Keep pace with exploding demand

Are you experiencing soaring numbers of devices, greater technology integration, disparate dashboards, too much data, too many alarms, increasing trouble ticket counts, and tight IT department head count resources and budgets? You’re not alone.  Learn how the Juniper Networks solution with proactive operations and insights helped a school district of 4,850 students overcome the unique challenges of K-12 network.


Build reliable broadband connections

Juniper Networks is ready to help schools and libraries build affordable, fast, and secure broadband connections. Set up your E-Rate project and multiply your buying power with Juniper to accelerate empowered and engaged learning. 

Diversity of children students wearing medical masks in the classroom.

Ensure campus safety

Have greater confidence that students are safe and supported on campus with critical location services such as proximity tracing, journey mapping, and hot zone alerting. 

Handsome Hispanic Student Uses Laptop while Listening to a Lecture at the University, He Raises Hand and Asks Lecturer a Question. Multi Ethnic Group of Modern Bright Students.

Public sector contracts

For K-12 school districts, the process of procuring network equipment can be as complex and challenging as it is vital to their mission. Juniper can help.

Related industries

Higher Education

Juniper’s AI-Enabled Campus is a comprehensive reference architecture that allows educational institutions to build secure, high-performance networks.

Research and Education Networks

Research & Education (R&E) Networks facilitate massive collaboration as they connect universities and laboratories to one another and to cloud services and testbeds.


Ashland, Oregon Schools Blaze a Trail for Digital Learning with AI-Driven Networking

Nestled at the base of two mountain ranges, Ashland is known for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the arts, and endless opportunities for outdoor fun. A lucky few call Ashland their home, and the Ashland School District was one of the first to deploy Mist wireless and Juniper wired networking to advance digital learning and student success.

Ashland School District Image