Juniper QFX10000 Series

Author: Douglas Richard Hanks, Jr.
Paperback: 230 pages

Publisher: O’Reilly Media

ISBN: 978-1-491-92225-5
Price: $59.99 US, eBook $68.99

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Advanced Praise(s)

“With a fundamental shift in the delivery and consumption of network functions, the QFX10000 provides flexible configurations for any modern data center.”

Anthony Burke, Architect, vMware

“Want to make the absolute most of what Juniper has created in the QFX10K? You need a book. This is that book.”

Ethan Banks, Packet Pushers Cofounder

”In this industry the details matter. This book straddles the internals of Juniper Q5 chip architecture and how to leverage it to build a modern network. A perfect blend of overview, reference, and cookbook.”

Truman Boyes, CTO Head of Networks, Bloomberg LP

“Gain valuable insights on everything from architecting massive data center networks to the many ways to design and deploy advanced functionality; all backed by data and concrete examples.”

Brian Tam, Network Lead, Uber

“Juniper QFX10000 balances functionality and expense in a unique proposition not found in merchant silicon.”

Joel Jaeggli, Operations and Management Area Director, IETF

“This book is an invaluable resource useful for any network engineer looking to understand the finer details of the Juniper QFX10000, which is immensely helpful to our work at Twitter.”

Tim Hoffman, Lead Backbone Engineer, Twitter

“This is simply one of the best guides on modern datacenter architecture, presented in a pragmatic and understandable way.”

Sargun Dhillon, Senior Lead, Mesosphere

Book Description

Learn the capabilities of the Juniper QFX10000, the company’s first high-density 40GbE and 100GbE data center switch family. Written for network engineers by a network engineer, this practical guide shows you, step by step, how to use this next-generation switch in your data center to build everything from web-scale data centers to traditional enterprise IT data centers.

The Juniper QFX10000 Series has been the most anticipated switch in the company’s history. Built with in-house Juniper silicon to deliver high logical scale, deep buffers, and feature-rich functionality, the Juniper QFX10000 Series is such a versatile platform that you can place it in the fabric, spine, or edge of any type of network and provide instant value.

Explore the Juniper QFX10000 hardware and software architecture:

  • Understand data center designs with the Juniper QFX10000 Series by inspecting detailed case studies
  • Examine performance and scaling considerations
  • Create a datacenter switching fabric with Junos Fusion
  • Build a network-based overlay fabric with EVPN-VXLAN

About the Author

Douglas Richard Hanks, Jr. is the director of architecture and strategy with Juniper Networks and focuses on next-generation hardware and software solutions and corporate strategy. He works in the Juniper Development and Innovation (JDI) organization, which is responsible for all Juniper hardware, software, and solutions.

Douglas is certified with Juniper Networks as JNCIE-ENT #213 and JNCIE-SP #875. His interests are network engineering and architecture for enterprise and service pro‐ vider technologies. He is also the author of the Juniper QFX5100 and Juniper MX Series published by O’Reilly Media, and several Day One books published by Juniper Networks Books.

Douglas is the cofounder of the Bay Area Juniper Users Group (BAJUG). When he isn’t busy with networking, he enjoys computer programming and photography. You can reach Douglas on Twitter @douglashanksjr.