Day One: Juniper Ambassadors’ Cookbook 2017

The Juniper Ambassadors take on some of the top support issues and provide clear-cut solutions and frank discussions on how to keep things running in their new Day One cookbook. The recipes provide quick and tested solutions to everyday networking administration issues.

“Day One: Juniper Ambassadors Cookbook 2017 covers several complex networking problems and solutions, working with technologies such as EVPN, VXLAN, OSPF sham links, centralized route reflectors, scripted automation with Python, segment routing, and BGP flowspec. Using Junos OS configuration stanzas and command line output analysis, each recipe is demonstrated in detail. The format is perfect for network engineers, explaining each problem and then diving deeply into the solutions.”

— Ethan Banks, Co-Founder of Packet Pushers Interactive,


  • Configure basic QoS on Junos-enabled devices.

  • Migrate from a Cisco LNS to vLNS on a Juniper vMX Series.

  • Configure BGP to advertise multiple paths to destinations.

  • Utilize VXLAN technologies with EVPN signaling.

  • Use OSPF as a PE-CE routing protocol in MPLS VPNs.

  • Script network regression testing with Junos PyEZ.

  • Selectively leak resources (or subnets) between different VPNs.

  • Integrate MX Series routers into Arbor Networks SP.

  • Migrate your core to centralized route reflecting and segment routing.

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About the Authors

Martin Brown (Recipe 1) is a Network Security Engineer for a tier 1 service provider based in the UK and is a Juniper Ambassador. Martin started his career in IT over 20 years ago supporting Macintosh computers and in 1999 earned his first certification by becoming an MCP then an MCSE. In the past six years he has progressed to networking, implementing, and supporting network devices in a number of different environments including airports, retail, warehouses and service provider. His knowledge covers a broad range of network device types and network equipment from most of the major vendors including Cisco, F5, Checkpoint, and of course, Juniper.

Matt Dinham (Recipe 2) is an independent consulting Network Engineer/Architect based in the UK, and is a Juniper Ambassador. Matt has over 15 years experience working within Enterprise and Service Provider environments (both public & private sector). He holds several Juniper Certifications and is certified CCIE#16387 (R&S, SP). Matt can be reached on Twitter - @mattdinham.

Stefan Fouant (Recipe 3) is a Sales Engineer with Copper River Information Technology with over 18 years of experience in the Service Provider and network security industries. He holds several patents in the area of DDoS detection and mitigation and is also a co-author of drafts within the IETF DOTS working group relating to standardized signaling of coordinated DDoS attack filtering and mitigation mechanisms. He was the first person globally to achieve all three expert-level Juniper certifications, and was a technical editor of the book Juniper MX Series by O’Reilly (2012).

Clay Haynes (Recipe 4) is an IT professional with over 10 years of experience working on servers, firewalls, and networking. He currently works at Twitter as a Senior Network Security Engineer and is a Juniper Ambassador. Clay currently holds the JNCIE-SEC #69 and JNCIE-ENT #492 certifications.

Nupur Kanoi (Recipe 5) Nupur Kanoi is a senior network engineer for a global service provider where she has gained experience in service provider backbone architecture and design. She also holds JNCIE-ENT (#520), JNCIP-SP, and JNCDS-DC certifications. Nupur can be reached on LinkedIn ( and on Twitter (@nupur_kanoi). She is currently working towards her JNCIP-DC.

Peter Klimai (Recipe 6) is a Juniper Ambassador and a Juniper Networks certified instructor working at Poplar Systems, a Juniper-Authorized Education Partner in Russia. He is certified JNCIE-SEC #98, JNCIE-ENT #393, and JNCIE-SP #2253 and has several years of experience supporting Juniper equipment for many small and large companies. He teaches a variety of Juniper classes on a regular basis, beginning with introductory level (such as IJOS) and including advanced (such as AJSEC, JAUT and NACC). Peter is enthusiastic about network automation using various tools, as well as network function virtualization.

Said van de Klundert (Recipe 7) is a Dutch networking enthusiast, Juniper Networks Ambassador, network engineer at Interconnect, and content developer at iNET ZERO. Said has spent most of his career on the service-provider side of things and is known to lab-up and write about whatever sparked his interest. He is a father to his son, husband to his wife, and he enjoys long dinners with friends. JNCIE-SP #2573.

Steve Puluka (Recipes 8, 9, & 10) is a Senior Network Engineer with DQE Communications in Pittsburgh, PA. He is part of a service provider team that manages a fiber optic Metro Ethernet, Wavelength, and Internet Services network spanning 3k route miles throughout western PA. He holds a BSEET along with a dozen Juniper Certifications in Service Provider, Security, and Design. He also has certification and extensive experience in Microsoft Windows server, along with strong VMware skills starting with Version 2. He has enjoyed supporting networks for more than 20 years.

David Roy (Recipe 11) is a Senior Support Engineer for Orange. He is involved in many projects based on IP and MPLS technologies. He loves troubleshooting complex routing and switching issues. He is the author of the The MX Series, 2nd Edition (2016, O'Reilly) and Juniper Books’ This Week: An Expert Packet Walkthrough on the MX Series 3D. David is triple JNCIE.

Nick Ryce (Technical Editor) is a Senior Network Architect for a major ISP based in Scotland, and a Juniper Ambassador. Nick has over a decade of experience working within the Service Provider industry and has worked with a variety of vendors including Cisco, Nortel, HP, and Juniper. Nick is currently certified as JNCIE-ENT #232.