Day One: CGNAT Up and Running on the MX Series

CGNAT, which is also known as Large Scale NAT, is a buzzword for a highly-scalable NAT device that sits between the CPE and a core network, but if the device being used is an MX Series, well now, that device is very scalable, and it can take your current Network Address Translation (NAT) usage and truly make it carrier grade (CG). It’s all in how you set up the MX.

What you need is a JTAC engineer to explain the ins and outs of the MX Series, and that’s what Joe Naughton does in this book. He provides the configurations, the feature sets, the application layer gateways, and the syslogs you need to make the MX Series hum. There’s a troubleshooting chapter written as only a JTAC engineer can, as well as a scalable use case that puts some load balancing MX Series features to the test. However you define CGNAT, it begins with MX.

“This is just the book you need if your current NAT needs are starting to scream at you. It’s filled full of useful MX Series insights and even includes a service provider use case that puts it all together. This Day One sits on my desk.”

— David Roy, IP/MPLS NOC Engineer, Orange France, blogger:


  • Understand the hardware needed for your network to go carrier grade.

  • Understand the different NAT configurations of the MX Series and how they can fit into your network’s needs.

  • Monitor and manage the MX Series when it is configured in a CGNAT solution.

  • Build a working model in your lab for testing and prototyping.

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About the Author

Joseph Naughton has seventeen years experience supporting solutions in the networking industry. He is the Technical Lead in JTAC at Juniper Networks. Prior to supporting the best of breed Mobile Packet Core products, he has supported policy solutions, including SRC and Steel Belted RADIUS, the BRAS line, and in a former life, VPNs, firewalls, and Shiva’s LAN Rover products.