Announcing the Continuing Education Recertification Option

Beginning January 1, 2017, the Juniper Networks Certification Program will offer a Continuing Education recertification option that will allow attendance in a Juniper Education class to recertify active certifications.

How to take advantage of this recertification option?

To use the Continuing Education option, candidates must take a recommended class that corresponds to their certification or a class at the next higher level in the same track. An example of this recertification option appears below.

  • A candidate holds a JNCIS-ENT certification: Attending the Junos Intermediate Routing (JIR) class (same level) or Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing (AJER) class (next level up in the same track) would recertify the JNCIS-ENT certification and the underlying JNCIA-Junos certification.

To see complete Continuing Education recertification options by credential, view the Recertification Page on the JNCP website.

Please note, the Continuing Education recertification option may only be used one time per certification before recertification via an exam would be required. Candidates still have the option to recertify their certifications by taking an exam. The Recertification Page lists all exam recertification options.