Wireless Connectivity for Retail

Still images shows an animated person about to enter a store that has a sign that says ‘open’.

Reduce wireless troubleshooting at all your stores and ensure POS systems are always connected.

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You’ll learn

  • What customers expect

  • How to meet customer expectations in retail 

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Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 [Music]

0:02 customers using brick and mortar stores

0:04 expect

0:04 excellent service including what they're

0:06 now used to online

0:08 such as rapid checkout easy collection

0:11 and ready access to information

0:13 intermittent or bad connectivity lets

0:16 down both customers

0:17 and staff with juniper driven by missed

0:20 ai

0:20 you know that everyone can stay

0:22 connected and you have virtual network

0:24 assistant

0:25 marvis to keep everything running

0:27 smoothly for you

0:28 an assured client to cloud service can

0:31 provide customers with accurate

0:33 information

0:33 based on live data and can be used to

0:36 power innovative services

0:38 that differentiate your brand all this

0:40 adds up to an enhanced in-store

0:42 experience for your customers

0:44 while making it possible for your

0:46 workers to consistently deliver

0:48 great service

1:01 you

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