Location Services with Mist

Abstract illustration of an office building interior with three sets of concentric circles over it, representing bluetooth beacons.

The world is ready for new indoor location experiences.

Mist Virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE) enables businesses to provide location-based experiences that are engaging, accurate, real-time, and scalable. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Mist virtualized the indoor location experience

  • Why manual calibration is in the past 

  • Ways to optimized resources  

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:02 indoor location services provide a huge

0:05 opportunity to engage with employees

0:07 guests and customers while optimizing

0:10 resources to save time and money but

0:13 widespread adoption of these services

0:15 has been limited by physical beacons and

0:17 costly site surveys they just don't

0:21 scale this all changes with mist with

0:25 the invention of scalable

0:26 enterprise-grade ble we flipped the

0:29 model by virtualizing the indoor

0:31 location experience here's how our

0:33 patented ble directional antenna array

0:36 enables all mist endpoints to blanket an

0:39 entire location with ble location is

0:43 computed in the mist intelligent cloud

0:45 this lets you go beyond just listening

0:47 to a tag to interacting with an entire

0:49 space with this new model beacons are

0:53 completely virtual create as many as you

0:58 want wherever you want and change them

1:01 as often as you want without the hassle

1:04 and cost of physical beacons

1:06 with machine learning manual calibration

1:09 and site surveys are a thing of the past

1:11 the mist platform also includes

1:14 comprehensive zone analytics like visits

1:17 and dwell times providing rich insight

1:19 into personnel and resource utilization

1:21 the world is ready for new indoor

1:25 location experiences now you are too

1:29 mist smart Wireless for the smart device

1:32 era

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