Wired Assurance: Day 1 - Virtual Chassis

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Screen capture from video on setting up a Virtual Chassis and switches, showing a Wired Assurance dashboard with switch information and configuration options.

Manage a virtual chassis with Wired Assurance.

Virtual chassis (VC) technology allows you to connect up to 10 EX Switches that you can configure and manage as a single logical device. This Wired Assurance Day 1 video walks through setting up a VC with two Juniper Networks EX3400 Ethernet Switches.

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You’ll learn

  • How a VC simplifies network ops

  • Pushing configurations to a VC environment

  • Viewing switch insights like CPU and memory utilization

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals



00:00 [Music]

00:06 this video covers how juniper miss cloud

00:08 manages a virtual chassis or vc

00:11 up to 10 ex switches can be operated as

00:14 one logical device and managed as a

00:16 single chassis

00:17 simplifying network operations this vc

00:20 is made of two ex3400s you can see the

00:23 port diagram

00:24 showing more details like the vc connect

00:26 and roles

00:27 like backup and master the ex switches

00:31 are configured via templates

00:33 so here you can adjust the settings as

00:34 needed additionally for corner cases

00:37 that cannot be satisfied in the ui

00:39 there is an option for cli commands in

00:42 the port profiles and configuration

00:44 models video

00:46 we already configured vlans vlan ids and

00:49 port profiles

00:50 like an access point or camera the

00:52 profiles can be assigned to ports in the

00:56 vc

00:58 [Music]

01:00 for this setup ports 19 and 20 are used

01:03 as upstream links

01:04 with other ports mapped to other types

01:06 of device profiles

01:09 you can push configurations to a vc

01:11 environment and see the switch data and

01:13 activity

01:14 in switch insights you see a breakdown

01:17 of cpu utilization

01:18 memory utilization bytes port errors and

01:21 power draw

01:26 the green color port shows its status of

01:28 the port

01:29 you can see the switches within the vc

01:31 or individually by toggling through the

01:33 icons above the switch

01:35 configuring and managing ex switches in

01:37 a vc stack has never been more simple

01:40 than with the juniper miss cloud

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