Improve Customer Experience with Location Services

Wired & Wireless Access
Still images shows an animated person in front of shelves with objects that are blue and green.

Go beyond wireless networking with built-in location services. Provide customers with way finding and just-in-time coupons while getting more information on customer and associate traffic flows and peak times.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper’s Bluetooth location-based services provide an optimized experience

  • Bluetooth location-based features

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0:00 [Music]

0:02 juniper's unique bluetooth

0:04 location-based services

0:06 enable you to provide your consumers

0:08 with an optimized

0:09 in-store experience they can go online

0:11 to be sure your store has stock

0:13 and asset tracking make sure that the

0:15 item really is on the shelf

0:17 to support safe social distancing your

0:20 hot zone mapping means they can choose a

0:22 quieter time to visit

0:23 turn by turn navigation will take them

0:25 straight to the item they're looking for

0:27 and as our virtual bluetooth beacons are

0:30 accurate to

0:30 under a meter you can offer targeted

0:33 promotions and content

0:34 that are truly on the spot and that hit

0:37 the spot

0:49 you

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