Felix Windt, Network Engineering Team Lead, Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College Rolls Out a Wireless Refresh and Utilizes AI

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Felix Windt, Network Engineering Team Lead, Dartmouth College, sitting in an office, talking about using Marvis AI to solve college network issues.

What is wrong with Bob’s WiFi today?

Learn about Dartmouth College’s experience with Mist Systems technology and how they leveraged AI to improve their wireless functions.
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You’ll learn

  • Why AI is not a gimmick 

  • What is takes to be more than a service provider 

  • How Dartmouth made the most of their wireless refresh initiative 

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Felix Windt, Network Engineering Team Lead, Dartmouth College


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0:02 Dartmouth is a liberal arts college in

0:04 New Hampshire we have about 5,500

0:07 undergrad students about 1,500 grad

0:09 students across a variety of

0:11 professional schools one of the

0:13 challenges in providing IT at a

0:15 university is people nowadays just

0:17 expecting technology to work we're no

0:19 longer at the point where Wi-Fi is the

0:20 primary access method is the only access

0:22 when we started evaluating the various

0:24 vendors for our Wireless refresh one

0:27 thing that really stood out to us about

0:28 missed is not just that it's very solid

0:30 Wi-Fi which it absolutely is but just

0:32 that is also build ground up with an API

0:34 so if you're looking to tie Wireless

0:37 into more than just itself and expose

0:39 aspects of it to other parts of the IT

0:41 infrastructure a well-formed API is is

0:43 obviously the best way to do that

0:44 initially when we started the journey

0:46 with Myst we actually thought dai part

0:48 was a gimmick just because AI nml are

0:51 the two most commonly used buzzwords

0:53 people throw at you as it turns out miss

0:55 AI engine Marvis has been

0:57 transformational in how we approach

0:59 solving wireless tickets

1:00 Marvis basically just enables people to

1:02 interact with all of the data that mist

1:04 is accumulating as a system and ask it

1:07 natural language questions you can just

1:08 bring up Marvis and literally say what

1:11 is wrong with Bob's Wi-Fi today and

1:12 it'll give you back an answer when we

1:14 were initially trying to figure out how

1:16 to actually utilize Marvis in our

1:17 network we figured why not just go

1:19 straight to the experts so we asked miss

1:20 to come in and do a training session for

1:22 our service desks and show them how to

1:23 best utilize this tool since then the

1:25 amount of tickets we get from those

1:27 areas are just down by about a factor of

1:30 10 and there's just so many

1:32 opportunities for for expanding Marvis

1:34 it's getting smarter and smarter all of

1:36 this also really plays into our current

1:39 drive to get back into what a Dartmouth

1:41 used to be described as the golden age

1:43 of computing first time that the words

1:44 artificial intelligence were put

1:46 together were at a 1956 summer workshop

1:49 at Dartmouth with names like Marvin

1:50 Minsky Claude Shannon I mean the twenty

1:53 people of who is who in AIO information

1:55 theory today right now we're trying to

1:57 undergo an effort to get back to this

1:59 place where we're not just a service

2:00 provider even though we very much are

2:02 but it's more of a partnership and I

2:04 think with this new network upgrade

2:06 we're very much trying to deliver

2:07 exactly

2:10 [Music]

2:13 you

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