Abhi Shamsundar, Sr. Product Manager, Juniper Networks

Juniper Mist Full Stack Demo

Demo Drop WAN
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Image shows a slide with the Juniper Networks logo on top middle with the title “The Many, Many Benefits of Juniper Mist AI. Problems solved. Problems prevented. From client to cloud.”  Beneath are three clouds stating the values of Juniper Mist AI.

In this demo, Sr. Product Manager Abhi Shamsundar demonstrates how easy it is to deploy the full stack capabilities of the Juniper Mist solution.

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You’ll learn

  • How you can ask Marvis to help identify elusive issues and automate troubleshooting

  • How day 2 operations are simplified with Service Level Experience metrics for Wired, Wireless and WAN

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 Abhi Shamsundar Headshot
Abhi Shamsundar
Sr. Product Manager, Juniper Networks


0:00 uh we started this from the wireless

0:01 world uh we have SLS for uh Wireless

0:04 perspective which covers roaming

0:07 throughput all of these now we have the

0:09 same for the van world as well

0:11 apart from Vantage Health right or

0:13 basically the CPU temperature memory uh

0:16 Power part of it our Focus was to say

0:19 can we tell about how your van network

0:22 is from a van link perspective that is

0:24 which is your immediate Landing your ISP

0:27 what are the general challenges that you

0:29 would see uh talking about whether

0:30 they're reachable or not if they're not

0:32 reachable is it because of our phcp any

0:35 interface level issues that may be their

0:37 uh network uh basically the kpis or

0:41 latency Jitter loss and we also use peer

0:44 path in the world of SSR

0:46 the next part of the story is where the

0:49 last mile comes into picture you talk to

0:52 your ISP that's okay that you get the

0:54 information now this is something that

0:56 that is unique to us to say we can talk

0:59 to you about the last mile of the story

1:00 as well this is all possible because of

1:04 the uh kind of data that we get we get

1:06 data from inline Telemetry as well as we

1:09 we get data from application perspective

1:10 we measure time to firsts in packet we

1:13 measure if there are too many resets

1:15 from a from a particular application at

1:16 any given point in time now if the

1:18 question is do you want me do I want you

1:22 guys to go look at this dashboard every

1:24 day of the week when you need to

1:25 troubleshoot this that that dashboard is

1:27 there for evidence but the goal for us

1:29 is for you to go in and or not not you

1:32 even the layer one tag that's there that

1:34 gets the tickets uh is for us to say

1:36 what's going on and tell me what what

1:39 what where is the problem right you want

1:41 to talk about uh we are on teams for

1:43 example your question to conversational

1:45 assistant is going to be troubleshoot

1:47 the application themes in in the office

1:49 currently there's one laptop that's

1:51 that's currently working and this is all

1:53 live data that's that's from the office

1:55 itself

1:56 this is where we automatically populate

2:00 uh the full graph database for you from

2:03 the client to Cloud Journey we started

2:05 this conversation in the very beginning

2:07 talking about client to Cloud we now

2:09 have full information on that particular

2:11 user passing through Wireless wired and

2:14 Van you can click on any of these

2:17 elements to talk about where exactly the

2:19 problem is in this example it's a it's a

2:21 demo we see problems on wired Wireless

2:22 all of these areas but the goal is you

2:25 might you do not we do not want you to

2:27 go hunt in fact rather we tell you what

2:30 your entire client Cloud journey is for

2:32 that particular team session that you

2:34 had

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